Winter Refresh of the Homeschool Mom Summit – Starting January 23!

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Homeschool Mom Summit

I’m so excited to tell you about the Winter Refresh of the Homeschool Mom Summit! The purpose for this summit is different than most. The goal for HMS is to empower homeschool moms with homeschool planning and productivity shortcuts from over 50 seasoned homeschool moms who’ve been exactly where you’re at today.

You’ll be able to follow this summit like a PROVEN planning roadmap for your homeschool as it shows you unique and clever ways to plan your homeschool, unique it up with styles and homeschooling hacks, and have fun personalizing it with resources and curriculum planning! Accompanying your summit journey are scheduling tips, resources, and qualified perspectives for planning your lessons and using curricula that’s actually useable from the beginning to the end – about time, right? Plus, you’ll find lovely unique topics along the way about every day homeschool life that I guarantee you WON’T find anywhere else. 

The best part? It’s totally free!

For five days, January 23-27, Richie Soares of Homeschool & Humor is hosting and bringing you workshop sessions from over 50 homeschool experts who have found ways to empower their own homeschool productivity journeys. You’ll hear about everything from homeschool teaching techniques to topics on how your mindset plays a huge role in your homeschool. This summit is focused on moms and how they can revive, strengthen, and empower their homeschool now – today!

By the way, I’ll be giving a presentation on the Best Blessings of Homeschooling – blessings that extend far beyond academics alone, which can’t always be measured with dollar signs or a test score.

There’s more I’d love to tell you about this summit, but I’ll let you check out all the details for yourself here at

I pray that this event will be a blessing to you and many other homeschool families – both now and for generations to come!

All for our King’s glory,

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