Why Your Home Needs Family Worship

regular family worship

Every home in this world is exposed to a thousand dangers. All kinds of enemies seek to destroy it, to desecrate its holy beauty, and to carry away its sacred treasures. Countless social influences tend to disintegrate the home, to rob it of its sanctities, to break down its sacred barriers, and to tarnish its purity. Nothing but the cross of Christ will save it.

Those who have been blessed by the Lord with a family should consecrate it immediately by setting up the altar of God in the midst of it. This will cover it with the protection of Divine love.

To make our home Godless and prayerless is to send our children out to meet all the world’s evil without the shelter of Christ’s love to cover them in the storm, or the strength of holy principle in their hearts to make them resist temptation.

In a family where the Bible is daily read in the ears of the children, and its lessons are simply and prayerfully taught, the effect is incalculable. It was thus that God Himself commanded His ancient people to teach the truths of His Word diligently to their children – when they sat in their house, when they walked along the road, when they rose from sleep in the morning, and before they lay down to rest at night (Deuteronomy 6:6-9). This is the Divine plan for bringing up a family – not a lesson now and then; but rather, an incessant and continuous teaching of the Holy Scriptures in the ears of the children!

Can any parents who desire to see their children raised as Christians afford to keep them out of the only school which will influence them in that direction?

If you are a parent who has no time of regular family worship, you are affectionately entreated, for the sake of your children, to begin at once! Why not start now?

Christian Family Reformation has endeavored to make this enormous responsibility a little easier for you by equipping you with tools and resources – such as free Family Worship Guides – that will help you establish and maintain a profitable time of regular family worship.

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As we journey through 2022, Lord-willing, we will continue to be studying the Old Testament historical Books together (Genesis through Chronicles). I hope your family will join us on this exciting journey through the Bible!

All for our King’s glory,

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Many of the thoughts in this post were largely adapted from the writings of J. R. Miller.