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Christian Family Reformation

Welcome to our website! Our headline pretty much sums up what we’re all about: we stand to promote and support the reformation and revival of the family in our increasingly secular modern culture, which is continually seeking to corrupt this Divinely-appointed institution, and to turn it aside from that holy entity which God Himself established it to be from the beginning of time.

We’d like to invite you to invite you to subscribe to receive our regular updates by filling out the basic form at the bottom of this site, or you can ask a question or leave a note on our contact page. It’s our prayer that the posts and information here will enable you, by God’s grace, to be continually reforming your family life according to the standards of the Bible. Thank you for stopping by, and God bless you!

Standing by His grace,


Psalm 128

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  1. Scott LaPierre

    Great job on your site.

    Looking forward to following your ministry.

    In Christ,

    • Christian

      Thank you so much, Mr. LaPierre! It’s my prayer that this site may be a blessing to you and many others. 🙂

      All for the King’s glory,


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