Help Your Family Focus on Christ at the Vibrant Home Life Summit!

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Vibrant Home Life Summit

You’re invited to the Vibrant Home Life Summit!

Helping your family stay focused on Christ can be challenging with all the distractions, challenges, uncertainties, and struggles of daily life. Often, it can feel like an impossible task, especially when you’re trying to do it alone. We all need support, inspiration, and wise mentors to help us sometimes. 

That’s why events like the upcoming Vibrant Home Life Summit can be so valuable for families who want to make Jesus the foundation of their lives! I’m working with my friends Jon and Lisa Garrison to host this free 5-day online event from October 30-November 3, where your family can learn from 30 pastors, homeschool experts, and ordinary Christian parents about building a thriving faith-filled home.

With 40+ sessions on topics like discipleship, parenting, education, relationship with God, and more, this Summit is an easily accessible community for families who are seeking to put Jesus at the heart of their homes. We hope and pray that it will be a blessing to your family and many others! 


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