The Prayer of a Child

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A little child missed her mother at a certain time every day. The mother’s habit was to slip away upstairs alone, and to be gone for some time. The child noticed that her mother was always gentler, quieter, and sweeter after she came back. Her face had lost its weary look and was shining. Her voice was gladder and more cheerful.

“Where do you go, mother,” the child asked thoughtfully,” when you leave us every day?”

“I go upstairs to my room,” replied the mother.

“Why do you go to your room?” continued the little questioner. “You always come back with your face shining. What makes it shine so?”

“I go to pray,” replied the mother reverently.

The child was silent for a little while; and then she said softly, “Teach me how to pray, Mother!”

There are no more sacred moments in any home than when a child is bending at a mother’s knee, learning to lisp its first little prayer. A mother’s prayers are never forgotten. The boy becomes a man; but in all his years of toil, struggle, temptation, duty, and sorrow, he remembers his mother’s early lessons in prayer. The childhood prayers themselves are never forgotten. They live on through all the life; and they often become the daily prayer of old age, and are the prayers said in dying.

“When ye pray, say, ‘Our Father.’” That one word – Father – is the key to the whole mystery of prayer! When Jesus taught His disciples to speak to God, calling Him by that blessed name; He gave them the largest of all lessons in prayer. When we can look into God’s face and say “Father,” it is easy to go on. The world is different then. God loves to be called by that name, and it opens His heart to hear all we say and grant all we ask. Such power has the word “Father,” when spoken by a child, to open a human heart. Such power, also, has the name “Father” to find and open the heart of God Himself! If we can say “Father” when we come to the gate, we shall not need to say anything more. If you believe that God really is your Father, you will no longer have any question as to whether you may pray to Him, or as to how to pray.

Some of us find life hard. It is full of cares and questions, of tasks and duties, of temptations and dangers. There are thorns and briers among its roses. There are pitfalls in its sunniest paths. The Master’s cause needs help which we cannot give. If we do not know how to pray, we never can get through the days! The privilege of prayer is always ours. The window toward heaven is always open. Any moment, we can look up and say, “Father!” – and instantly, the face of God will shine upon us, and all will be well!

– adapted from J. R. Miller

As believers in Jesus Christ, we are the children of God. Let’s not forget to avail ourselves of the blessed privilege that our Lord has given us by encouraging us to call Him “Father!” That one word will open the heart of God Himself, and move Him to hear us and grant our requests.

Do you have any thoughts on the subject of praying to our heavenly Father? Share your reflections or ask your questions in the comments section below!

God bless you and your family, this day and always.

All for the King’s glory,


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