The Legacy of Dr. David Menton

This past weekend, beloved speaker and writer from Answers in Genesis, Dr. David Menton, passed into heavenly glory at age 83.

If you’ve ever been to the Creation Museum in the Cincinnati Metro area, you may very likely have been blessed with the opportunity to hear a talk from Dr. Menton. If you did, you were privileged indeed. The Lord gifted him with the wonderful ability to clearly present the message of Scriptural authority and engage with his listeners in a special way.

Dr. Menton held a PhD in Biology from Brown University and served as an award-winning professor at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis for 34 years. He retired as an Associate Professor Emeritus and served with Answers in Genesis as a speaker, writer, and researcher until August of this year.

As I look back upon Dr. Menton’s life of ministry and service for the Kingdom of God on earth, I’m reminded of some of my favorite lectures and presentations that I heard from him over the years. I’d like to invite you to explore these items from his rich legacy of Scripture-honoring teaching materials so that you can make use of them in your own family’s homeschool.

Evolution: Not a Chance - Dr. David Menton
Evolution: Not a Chance!

Scopes Trial Ficton - Dr. David Menton
Scopes Trial Fiction

Body of Evidence - Dr. David Menton
Body of Evidence

Evolution: Not a Chance! – $12.99 USD for DVD, $9.99 USD for video download

Using practical illustrations, Dr. Menton captivates viewers with fascinating illusions as he explains that evolution doesn’t stand a chance when compared to the truth of science, and most importantly, God’s Word. His warm teaching style and enjoyable wit make this presentation fun to follow and easy to understand. In a respectful way, he demonstrates why it is true that a person must have a sizeable amount of credulity in order to buy into the tale of evolution. And don’t worry, it’s okay to laugh as you learn! Learn more > > >

Scopes Trial Fiction – $12.99 USD for DVD, $9.99 USD for video download

In one of his most popular talks, Dr. Menton exposes the distortions and inaccuracies in the play and movie Inherit the Wind. As an influential piece of propaganda, Inherit the Wind has deceived millions with the false belief that Christians went on a “witch hunt” to stop John Scopes from teaching evolution. In reality, it was a “set up” by the American Civil Liberties Union. The movie (and play) contain many falsehoods, including the supposed verdict of the trial itself! You owe it to yourself, and to the next generation, to know and share the truth about this famous trial. Learn more > > >

Body of Evidence – $125.99 USD on SALE for $62.99 USD for DVD set with study questions

Finally you can explore human anatomy and physiology in a Creator-honoring way! Dr. Menton takes two students on a teaching-tour through the major systems of the body. In this series, he employs anatomical props, models, and microscopic images to teach about God’s amazing designs for life. Body of Evidence is great for anyone studying the human body, plus all who want to be able to show their skeptical friends some of the most amazing designs that point unmistakably to our Creator. Produced in cooperation with the AFA Homeschool Channel, Body of Evidence is a 16-part (8 DVD) series, with 30-40 minutes per part. Learn more > > >

I hope that some or all of these Creator-honoring resources may be a blessing to your family, and that they may encourage you and your children to stand on the authority of Scripture, as Dr. Menton faithfully did!

May God bless you and yours, this day and always!

All for our King’s glory,


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