The Great Journey: Now Available on Kindle!

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Christian Family Reformation is excited to announce that our latest publication, The Great Journey, is now available for purchase in two different formats! If you missed the release of our paperback version at the end of February, you can now purchase the Kindle edition for only $2.99 USD.

The Great Journey is a beloved allegory in which you will journey with Pilgrim as he winds his way through the Valley of Tears on his way to the City of Zion. You’ll follow him through the Narrow-Way-Gate; and you’ll share in the richness of his spiritual experiences as he spends the night at the Royal Psalmist’s Palace, and as he passes through the Furnace of Affliction. Find edification in Pilgrim’s dialogues with characters like Backslider, Poverty, and Theophilus; and learn from the errors and experiences of the various patients of the King’s Hospital.

Will Pilgrim’s armor remain bright as he traverses the difficult pathway? Can he keep from losing his way among the confusing streets of the City of Carnality? Will he enter the glorious gates of the Celestial City at last? See for yourself as you lose yourself among the pages of this freshly-edited treasure from the pen of nineteenth-century Scottish minister, John Ross MacDuff.

And don’t just read it yourself, either! The Great Journey makes a wonderful family read-aloud as well. Its style is simple enough for a child to understand; and yet, at the same time, the heart of an experienced believer will be strengthened and encouraged.

As the Editor of this little jewel from the rich heritage of Christian books of by-gone centuries, my prayer is that the Lord may be pleased to use it for the blessing and encouragement of each and all who are a Pilgrim on the path to Mount Zion.

May God bless you and your family, this day and always!

All for our King’s glory,


Proverbs 3:5, 6

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See how other fellow-believers were encouraged and blessed by reading The Great Journey!

“I enjoyed reading this nice little Christian allegory from years gone by. It was like reading about a ‘second pilgrim’ and his trip to the land where all true pilgrims are journeying. Take up and read – and be blessed!”

Curt Daniel
Pastor, Faith Bible Church, Springfield, Illinois

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“John Ross MacDuff left us many devotional gems, not the least of which is The Great Journey. Although he is purposefully echoing Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, he does so with plenty of fresh content which all Christians can relate to; and with a style that, I’m trepidatious to say, perhaps conveys instruction to young people even better than Bunyan! MacDuff’s devotional quality and Biblical faithfulness are second to none, and I’m glad to see this book back in print for the modern Church.”

Andrew W. Camp
Editor of the Family Worship Bible Commentary

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“John Ross MacDuff humbly calls his work one of the “many faint echoes of The Pilgrim’s Progress.” It is not meant as a replacement or competitor to John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, for MacDuff calls Bunyan’s work ‘the great Original.’ However, The Great Journey is still a very good allegory… It is shorter than Bunyan’s classic – and while it can be argued that it is not as impactful as The Pilgrim’s Progress (what work is?), its length is one of its values; and it helpfully expands on many concepts and illustrations presented by Bunyan in his work. MacDuff is a descriptive and imaginative author who infuses his writing with Scriptural references and ideas. All of this puts his work in the same category of usefulness as John Bunyan’s famous book. For those who love The Pilgrim’s Progress, I highly recommend and encourage you to read The Great Journey. I believe it will benefit you on your journey to the Celestial City!”

Dr. Jonny White
Dean, Ekklesia Theological Seminary, Milton, Florida

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