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Song of Solomon 8: Love is Strong as Death!

by | May 3, 2023

song of solomon 8

This beautiful Song is now drawing to a close! Here the Bride repeats her earnest desires that she voiced at the end of the last chapter. She prays for increasing knowledge of her Beloved, and for more and more communion and fellowship with Him. Being willing to enjoy her Savior in every relationship wherein He has put Himself, she here beseeches Him to acknowledge Himself as her Brother as well as her Husband! (verse 1) Spiritually speaking, Christ is indeed the Brother of His Bride; for He took our sinful nature upon Himself, by becoming the “seed of the woman” after the flesh (Gen. 3:15).

The Bride promises to improve upon the blessings bestowed by this relationship with Christ (verse 2), and she also welcomes Him to share the best juice of her pomegranates. The exercise of grace and the performance of duty are, to the Lord Jesus, like this wonderful drink; these things are very acceptable to Him, as an expression of a grateful sense of His favors. The Bride does not have any doubt of experiencing Christ’s tender and affectionate care for her (verse 3). She knows that she shall be supported by His power and kept from fainting, even in the hardest services and sufferings. “His left hand shall be under my head,” she says. She is also assured that she shall be comforted with His love – “His right hand should embrace me!” When we are following Christ, the everlasting arms are underneath us (Deut. 33:27).

We also find the Bride charging those around her to take heed of doing anything to interrupt the pleasant communion which she now had with her Beloved (verse 4) – just as she had done before, when He strengthened and comforted her with His presence (chapter 2:7). But look now! “Who is this that cometh up from the wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?” (verse 5) Just as the Hebrew nation came up from the wilderness, being supported by Divine power and favor; so also, believers are brought up from the wilderness of sin, by the power of grace. There is no coming out of this wilderness, unless one leans upon Christ, the Beloved One, by faith. There cannot be any leaning on our own understanding, nor trusting in any righteousness of our own; but only in the strength of Him Who is “the Lord our Righteousness!”

The Bride pleads with Christ for an abiding place in His love, and for protection by His power (verses 6-7). The soul desires to be assured on this point; and without a sense thereof, no rest can be found. “Many waters cannot quench love, neither can the floods drown it: if a man would give all the substance of his house for love, it would utterly be contemned,” the Bride says. Neither the malice of enemies, nor the slights of friends, nor the unkindness of relatives, nor the sneers of the world, nor the infidelity of men, nor the rage of devils – not one of these things can separate us from Christ’s love for us; and surely, therefore, none of them ought to influence our hearts to les-sen our love for Him!  

Christ and His Bride have sufficiently confirmed their love to each other, and agreed it to be as strong as death on both sides. And now, in verses 8-12, they consult together about their family matters, like a loving husband and wife should do. First, we find them speaking of their little sister, who had not yet grown up to maturity (verse 8). This sister represents those who are not yet espoused to Christ, and do not enjoy the blessings of a saving relationship with Him. What shall we do for them? We can pity them and pray for the day to come when the “little sister” shall be courted by Christ’s faithful ministers – the friends of the Bridegroom – and urged to accept His offer of love to her. Since we find ourselves already engaged to Christ, and within His Church, we should do whatever we can to carry on the great purpose of His Gospel – which is to espouse souls to Jesus, and to convert sinners to Him from Whom they have departed.

We find Christ and His Bride also consulting together about a vineyard in the countryside (verses 11-12). This vineyard is a picture of Christ’s Church – a pleasant and peculiar place that is privileged with many honors; He delights to walk in it, and is pleased with its fruits. He has entrusted each one of us to be keepers of His vineyard; however, He expects a good return from those who are employed in His vineyard and entrusted with Gospel-privileges. Everyone – no matter of his or her worldly rank or degree – must bring glory and honor to Christ, and do some service to the interest of His kingdom on the earth.

The last two verses of this chapter bring a conclusion to this lovely Song, with the closing words of love between Christ and His Church, as He departs from her for a time. He desires to hear her voice; and she affectionately entreats Him to hasten His return, when He will bring her to His heavenly home where they shall live together forever in unending love. O how long will it be until the dawning of that glorious Wedding Day! In the meantime, as we wait for the return of our Bridegroom, let us draw our attention away from the things of this earth. Let us pray for grace and strength to nurture our relationship with Him, and to always be watching diligently, looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of our Savior Jesus Christ. Do not delay Your return to us, O Bridegroom of our souls!

Lord, we echo the words of the Bride in the closing verse of this beautiful Song. We beseech You to return to us quickly, and to take us to Your heavenly home where we shall live with You in everlasting love, and behold Your face forever! Amen.

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