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Psalm 99: The Sanctus Psalm

by | Jun 9, 2024

psalm 99

This is a Psalm of blessed doctrine. It exhorts the people of God to sacredly preserve that true worship of the First Commandment – namely, the praising of God alone, and the continuing in the faith of Him – although the nations of the world, on all sides, roar against those persons who glory in being the people of the Lord. His people know that He is not to be found in any mere tabernacle or church or sanctuary in any particular corner of the earth; but rather, He may be found in every place where His Word and promises are preached – whether it is in a designated church building, or an isolated field or cave where His people are constrained to worship Him because of persecution. This Psalm shows that the Lord’s true people are often exposed to the most bitter hatred of the world and the devil, and to afflictions of every kind.

The Psalmist mentions, by name, Moses and Aaron and Samuel – those faithful leaders among the people of God, who endured great afflictions, both inward and outward, for the sake of His holy name and Word. However, in verses 4 and 5, the people of God are taught that the highest worship is not placed in ceremonial sacrifices; therefore, he says, “Let them praise thy great and terrible name, for it is holy!” In this Kingdom of God, the Psalmist declares that justice and judgment are loved. “Thou justifiest,” says he, “thy people” – that is, “You deliver them from sin and death, and extend unto them the remission of their sins!”

To us who are a part of the spiritual Kingdom of God – namely, the Church – this Psalm is a glorious prophecy of Christ Jesus. He governs and rules His Church, the true Zion, throughout the whole world – wherever she may be! The Psalmist shows us that Christ, sitting at the right hand of the Majesty in the heavens, is there continually as our Great High Priest and our Sacrifice – despite all the attempts of the whole world to rage and roar against us, and kill us, and load us with all manner of afflictions because of our faith and worship of King Jesus!

O Lord, we pray that the Holy Spirit would give us grace to serve You with fear, and to rejoice with trembling. We pray for grace that we may continually exalt You, O God, and worship You in Your holy hill; for You alone are holy! Amen.

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