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Psalm 93: The Psalm of Omnipotent Sovereignty

by | Jun 5, 2024

psalm 93

This is one of those magnificent Psalms which describe Jehovah’s reign. All throughout, it reads like a commentary and application of the great fundamental truth: “Jehovah is King!” He has laid the foundations of His Kingdom in His Church; and in His faithfulness, His power shall establish it. Those elements which have hitherto resisted shall not be allowed to continue. Right royally He manifests Himself! “He is clothed with majesty; clothed is Jehovah, might hath he girt about him.” The present state of things is connected with Christ’s humiliation. But when He puts on His royal mantle of majesty, and girds upon Him the sword of His might – then “the world shall be established; it cannot be moved.” The establishment of His throne is the ground and the pledge of the establishment of His spiritual Kingdom. “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, and today, and for ever.”

In view of all this, the Church stands as a wondering spectator – first struck with awe, and then filled with adoring gratitude! “The floods have lifted up, O Jehovah, they have lifted up their roaring; the floods are lifting up their dashing noise!” The latter term refers to the sound of mighty ocean waves as they break upon the seashore. The enemies of Christ and His Kingdom have risen like the floods or waves of the sea, which are lashed by the storm. With roaring noise, they have advanced; but as they near the vessel which bears the King, their noise is only the sound of waves dashing into foam! Their utmost noise only ends in a breaking up of their powerful might. Even now, in the height of the storm, Jehovah is enthroned – not only far overtopping all danger, but also its threatening noise! “Jehovah on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.” What a picture this pre-sents of our safety! What a summary of the history of God’s government of the world and of His Church! Thus the calming of the storm on the Lake of Galilee was not only a parabolic representation of the history of the Kingdom of God, but it was also a foreshadowing picture of the final consummation of all things. It was a summary of the past, and a prophecy of the future. And what applies to the Church as a whole also holds equally true of individual believers! Let us always remember that the noise around us is only that of the wave dashing itself into worthless foam. Our greatest dangers are only breaking waves – waves which break at our Savior’s feet. The same expression – “breaking waves” – is also sometimes applied to the waves of God’s wrath or judgments, which threaten to engulf the believer (Ps. 42:7; 88:7). But these also – blessed be His name! – have all their power and strength broken by Him! Therefore, as we watch and wait for that Great Last Day, when we shall behold the full and final manifestation of the Lord’s majesty and might; this Psalm gives us an abundance of comfort and joy, since it assures that no power of earth and hell can successfully lift itself up against our enthroned Redeemer and all His people who are safe and secure in Him!

Lord Jesus, cause the whole world to be subdued to the scepter of Your grace! We pray that the whole earth may rejoice that You are King, that every knee may bow before You, and that every tongue may confess that You are Lord – to the glory of God the Father! Amen.

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