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Psalm 91: Preserved and Protected

by | Jun 5, 2024

psalm 91

This is a most distinguished jewel among all the Psalms of consolation! Here the Psalmist highly exalts faith in God; and he shows that it is an invincible strength against all evils, and against all the gates of hell. At the very outset, he says, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High abideth under the shadow of the Almighty”; and such a person shall say unto the Lord, “Thou art my con-fidence, my protection, my fortress and my God!” He who believes and trusts in God, and rests in His protection, shall find that although he is shaken on ev-ery side by the devil, sin, the world, and various and endless temptations – yet the Godly are fireproof and invincible against all these evils! Why? Because God is Most High over all, and He is Omnipotent! “Greater is he that is in us than he that is in the world.”

Toward the conclusion of the Psalm, we find an accumulation of eight promises of grace. This Psalm, therefore, ought to be set before each and every afflicted soul among the sons and daughters of God! First, the Psalmist says, “Because he hath hoped in me, therefore will I deliver him.” Second, “I will set him on high.” Third, “Because he hath called upon me, I will hear him.” Fourth, “I will be with him in trouble.” Fifth, “I will deliver him.” Sixth, “I will set him on high,” or glorify him. Seventh, “With long life will I satisfy him.” And last, “I will show him my salvation” – or, in other words, “I am mighty to save!”

It is also most comforting to note that this is the second Psalm wherein angels are spoken of as being our watchful guardians and protectors. This is a truth that is greatly consoling indeed to the Lord’s people, for they know very well the awful fury with which Satan unceasingly assaults them and all the other members of the Savior’s Church. In particular, this Psalm enumerates four of these evils and afflictions which are often endured by those who fear God. One of these is mighty fear – “terror by night.” The Scripture frequently represents temptations and afflictions under the pictures of darkness and night, and consolations under the figurative descriptions of light and day. The Psalmist, therefore, here sets forth all those horrible instances of hatred – that Cain-like purpose to destroy, which is secretly bound up in the hearts of hypocrites; and all the malicious threats, hostile traps, and intentional perils and injuries which Satan is continually raising up against the Word of God and His faithful ones.

Then there is also “the arrow that flieth by day.” By this is meant all those open clamors, reproaches, curses, and blasphemies by which tyrants and hypocrites openly attack and condemn the Word of God and the doctrine of Christ. This includes the persecuting edicts of tyrannical kings and princes, and the virulent and blasphemous books of heretical and erroneous disputers.

Let us not forget “the pestilence that walketh in darkness.” These are the deceitful artifices and the secret conspiracies by which our spiritual enemies consult and plan among themselves in their private conclaves. They believe that they can keep these clandestine plots hidden even from the eyes of God Himself; and by all their diabolical schemes, they plot to destroy and root out the Lord’s people and His true doctrine.

Here we also see “the disease” or destruction “that wasteth at noonday.” This is the work of open persecution, whereby the Cains of this world – in their unheard-of cruelty and tyranny – shed the blood of the Lord’s Abels. They drive the Godly into exile, plunder their possessions, and slaughter them by every cruelty of torture – thereby attempting to lay the true Church utterly waste, and to leave not one page of the true Word remaining.

We may see and experience daily, all around us, that the saints of God are attacked and tried by these four afflictions for the Word’s sake, at the hands of the devil and the world. The Holy Spirit, therefore, revives and strengthens our faith in this Psalm; and by the cluster of promises which are found herein, the same Holy Spirit quickens and refreshes our hearts with precious consolation. Surely this Psalm ought to be loved by all the saints!

Thank You, Lord, that we enjoy the privilege of sheltering ourselves in You! We give thanks to You for the overflowing peace that we feel in knowing that You are guarding us. Amen.

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