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Psalm 81: Open Your Mouth Wide!

by | May 28, 2024

psalm 81

This sacred composition was a prayer and a solemn song for the Jews, which was sung yearly at one of the annual Feasts, in order to admonish them and keep them in the true worship of God – namely, that of the First Commandment. This Psalm, therefore – like the prophets, in all their great instructions – holds forth and enforces the very words of that commandment: “I am the Lord thy God: thou shalt have none other gods but me” – that is, “Thou shalt hold me as thy God, thou shalt cling unto me, and thou shalt trust alone in Me; thou shalt not worship nor call upon any other god.” But alas! The whole world lies in wickedness; the entirety of it is naturally unclean, and under bondage to the devil. Not only were the Jews often in a state of transgression against this First Commandment; but also all nations, religions, and worshipers, from the beginning of the world, have been guilty as well – and they will be the same down to the end of the world, except for the ransomed remnant that has been redeemed by the cleansing blood of the Lamb. The Israelites were indeed the people of the Lord; they had the prophets, the priests, and the Levites among them; and these faithful men of God, by their preachings, were continually enforcing upon them this great and highest worship that was in accordance with the First Commandment; and yet they were continually falling away from this worship. Their mouth ought to have been full of Jehovah and His praises; but instead, it was full of idolatry and abominations. Alas! This is an illustration of the general perverseness of all human beings in their natural, unconverted state. They will admire, take up, and profess all other kinds of worship; and they will willingly follow any other religion. But they will trample that very glorious worship of the First Commandment underfoot; for the devil cannot endure to see this worship being carried out, and so he works to extinguish it by all the ways and means that are in his power.

In verses 8-16, we are taught that the wickedness of the world is all because of man’s willfulness. People will not be followers and worshipers of the Lord Jehovah because they stubbornly refuse to do so. God is not the Author of their sin. He merely leaves them to the lusts of their own hearts and the counsels of their own heads; and so when they perish, the blame must be upon themselves alone. The Lord does not wish that any soul should be lost. O see what enemies sinners are to them-selves! And even in the case of those who are true children of God, see how their sin makes their lives miserable! It is true that their transgressions have been forgiven, and that their iniquities can never pluck them out of the Redeemer’s hand; but it is also true that when they refuse to walk in the ways of the Lord, He makes their pathway hard and uncomfortable, so that they shall be encouraged to return to Himself! The full and unhampered enjoyment of all spiritual blessings (which are represented under the picture of the Israelites’ enjoyment of the pleasant fields and fertile hills of Canaan) may be ours – provided that we believe in the Lord Jesus and walk in faith and obedience to Him. He is the Bread of life, He is the Rock of salvation, and His promises are like honey to pious minds. He will bestow an abundance of blessings upon us, if we will only open our mouths wide to receive them. He will constitute Himself as our champion in subduing our spiritual enemies – the temptations from without, and the inward warrings of selfishness and passion within. He will give us unbroken and enduring blessedness. He will allow us to eat of His Body and drink of His blood, which is a feast indeed! He will surely satisfy us with the sweet honey of His love. Let us not delay to claim these benefits!

O Lord Jehovah! We acknowledge the fact that we have many more reasons to praise You than even the Jews did, since Jesus has manifested to us His great salvation – causing us to know the joyful sound of the good news of His Gospel! Since You are so ready to fill us, we pray for grace to open our mouths so that they may be filled. Satisfy our souls with the Bread of Life and the Water of Life! Amen.

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