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Psalm 75: The Righteous Judge

by | May 22, 2024

psalm 75

This is a Psalm of consolation for believers against all turbulent and hardened hypocrites, who boast of their false church and their pompous names. They equally despise all threatenings and all exhortations; they are always speaking like those arrogant hypocrites in Psalm 12: “Who shall teach us? Who is Lord over us?” – as if they would say, “The power is ours, and the authority is ours; and he who does not listen to us and obey us, let him be accursed.” Such persons are deaf to all entreaties and insensible to all tears. They are so confident in themselves and their own imaginations that they seem to think that God Himself could not overthrow them or cast them down. Man’s sin threatened to destroy the whole creation, but – thanks be to God! – Christ saved the world from utter ruin! (verse 3) All the present hopes and future happiness of the human race spring from the Son of God. But to all proud and daring sinners (verses 4-5), He says, “Boast not of your power, and persist not in contempt!”

This Psalm reminds us, as believers, to know and acknowledge that there is indeed a God Who will surely judge all iniquity; but we must wait for His perfect timing. He is the same Lord Who makes the mountains to tremble, and Who appeared on Mount Sinai with such glorious majesty. According to the word of His First Commandment, He visits the wicked in His own appointed time; and yet He preserves the pillars of the earth – that is, the Godly and the righteous, who (figuratively speaking, of course) bear up and sustain this world upon their shoulders. It is in this sense that the Apostle Paul calls the Church the “pillar and ground of the truth.” This was how God was working when He preserved the righteous and innocent Lot when He overthrew Sodom, the center of abominable wickedness; and this was also how He was working when He preserved the believing Jews and the Apostles when He destroyed Jerusalem, and overthrew the whole nation in 70 AD – for He knows, when He destroys any nation, how to preserve His own sons and daughters. Even when the wicked are drinking the very dregs of the cup of the wine of His wrath, He shelters and supports His precious people so that they are brought to say, “I will declare for ever; I will sing praises to the God of Jacob!” (verse 9) The full and final exaltation of the Son of David – the holy and righteous Judge – will be the subject of the saints’ everlasting praises. Therefore, let sinners who are wise take heed now while there is still time, and submit to the King of kings; and let all believers rejoice in Him and gladly obey Him!

Lord, we pray for grace so that whenever we look at the Savior’s cross, we may connect it with the gracious memory that He drank the cup of trembling, so that we might drink the cup of salvation; and that He groaned on the cross, so that His redeemed ones might triumph in death! Amen.

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