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Psalm 70: The Poor Man’s Memorial

by | May 18, 2024

psalm 70

This Psalm is a prayer against the persecutors and enemies of the people of God. Alas! These instruments of the devil never cease to plot against those who fear God. The old serpent employs all possible conspiracies of craft, with all the bitterness of Cain. And his evil minions are just like him; they burn with an insatiable desire and determination to destroy the Church of Jesus, and they insult the miseries and calamities of the saints when they are in trouble and distress.

This Psalm is rather short, but its various parts are all interesting. Here we find the cry of the soul to God; and the earnestness of that cry may be discerned in the haste which the believer wishes the Lord to manifest in His working of deliverance. The cause of the vehemence of this supplication is the malice of his enemies. But here we also see the believer’s faith in his God, Who gives him the assurance of deliverance; for as long as a soul can call the Lord his help, he may be assured of a speedy rescue! This is the consolation in which the faithful soul reposes. All true seekers of the Lord will be found triumphing in the Lord, and continually rejoicing in hope. And if we read the entirety of this short Psalm with a remembrance of our Lord Jesus in the days of His earthly ministry, it will be very sweet in the believer’s mind! The sure triumphs of Jesus, and of all His Church in Him, will put the same song of rejoicing in every heart: “Let God be magnified!”

Lord Jehovah, we praise You as the Helper and Deliverer of all those who plead with You in prayer, no matter how poor and needy they may be! Amen.

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