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Psalm 63: An Early Morning Hymn

by | May 13, 2024

psalm 63

“O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee!” The child of God will love to devote to Him his morning hour. He opens the eyes of his understanding at the same time that he opens those of his body; and each morning, he awakes to righteousness. He arises with a thirst after those comforts which the world cannot give; and he has immediate recourse, by prayer, to the Fountain of the Water of Life. The true believer knows that nothing in this sinful world can satisfy the needs and desires of his immortal soul; and he expects his happiness from God, as his portion. When faith and hope are most active, the believer will see the world for what it really is: a dry, weary, and solitary desert. And this perspective will cause him to long for the joys of heaven – of which, he has some foretastes in the ordinances of God upon earth.

Even in times of affliction, we need not lack matter for praising the name of the Lord (verses 3-6). When praise is the regular frame of a believer’s mind, he values the lovingkindness of the Lord even more than life itself. His lovingkindness is our spiritual life, and that is far better than our earthly life. We must praise God with joyful lips; we must address ourselves to cheerfully speak forth the praises of Jehovah, from a principle of holy joy. David was in continual danger; troubles and fears kept his eyes awake, and gave him wearisome nights; but he comforted himself with thoughts of his God! The mercies of the Lord, when called to mind during the night hours, support the soul; and then the darkness is made cheerful! And how encouraging it is for the believer to think upon that happy morning when he shall awake in the Divine likeness; for then he shall be satisfied with all the fullness of God, and he shall praise him with joyful lips forever in that place where there is no night, and where sorrow and sighing flee away!

There are times when the believer can make use of the confident language of David in verses 7-11. But alas! Too commonly, our souls cling to the dust. But when we have committed ourselves to God, we may truly rest peacefully and quietly – not fearing any evil. It is the Lord Who strengthens and comforts us, for we would soon fail and fall if His right hand did not uphold us. And so David concludes this Psalm with the assurance that even though he was now sowing in tears, he would soon reap the harvest with joy!

To those who are experiencing wilderness-seasons in their life – whether by affliction, sickness, op-pression, or persecution – this Psalm will be exceedingly precious. They feel a hungering and thirsting after the Word of God; and even under their calamities, they glory in being the sons and daughters of the Lord. They are assured that God will raise up and comfort all those who fear Him.

Blessed Lord, let our desire toward You increase every hour! Let our love be always upon You, let all our enjoyment be in You, and let all our satisfaction be from You. Be our All in all while we remain in our present wilderness-state, and bring us home to the everlasting enjoyment of You forever in heaven!

O Lord, we praise You with joyful lips indeed as we read this Psalm and behold the richest spiritual provision that You can satisfy Your redeemed ones with, even in a wilderness situation; for You spread before them such a plentiful table as Your own Divine presence alone can furnish! Amen.

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