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Psalm 59: Escape from Lurking Murderers!

by | May 11, 2024

psalm 59

In light of the history that forms the backdrop of this Psalm, it may rightly be understood as being a prayer of David against Saul and his evil associates. These wicked men wandered about like yawning and hungry dogs – being ejected from their kingdom, and held in contempt, until they all utterly perished.

In the words of the first seven verses, we hear the voice of David when he was a prisoner in his own house because Saul’s men were lurking outside, waiting for a chance to murder him. But here we may also hear the voice of Christ as He was surrounded by His merciless enemies, the voice of the Church when she is under bondage in this world, and the voice of the individual Christian when he or she is under temptations, afflictions, and persecutions. In the same manner as David, we should earnestly beseech the Lord to defend us and deliver us daily from our spiritual enemies, the temptations of Satan, and the corruptions of our own sinful hearts. There is nothing that should make us ashamed when we find ourselves to be the recipients of the hatred of workers of iniquity. They do not fear God, and so it is no wonder that they have no regard for their fellow-men, either.

It is our wisdom and duty, in times of danger and difficulty, to wait upon God; for He is our defense, in Whom we shall be safe (verses 8-17). It is very comfortable to us – in prayer – to look to Him as the God of our mercy, the Author of all righteousness in us, and the Giver of all goodness to us. David could praise the Lord because he had found Him to be his refuge in the day of trouble – many times throughout his life! He Who is our refuge and fortress as well is certainly worthy of our best affections, praises, and services. The trials of His people will end in joy and praise. When the night of affliction is over, they will sing of the Lord’s power and mercy in the morning! Let believers now, in assured faith and hope, praise Him for those mercies – for which they will rejoice and praise Him in heaven forever!

Let us not leave our study of this Psalm until we ourselves can imitate David in appealing to Jehovah as our strength, and in describing Him as our high tower and the God of our mercy! Let us echo the refrain which he uttered in verse 9: “Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defense!” The possessive pronoun my is very remarkable here. Each of us needs mercy of a very special sort. My mercy would not help you, nor would yours help me. Notice also that David speaks of the Lord’s mercy “preventing” him – that is, “going in front” of him (verse 10). Just as a mother’s thought prepares beforehand for her child; so also, the Lord thinks ahead for us, and leads us into the good things which He has prepared for all those who love Him! (1 Cor. 2:9; Ps. 31:19)

Lord, we repent of times when we have allowed ourselves to be shaken up by terror and fright, as we see the devil and his minions seeking to attack us; for in reality, we do not need to fear, since You, Lord Jesus, stand as our defense between us and him! Amen.

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