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Psalm 45: The Royal Marriage Song

by | May 2, 2024

psalm 45

This lovely Psalm is a prophecy concerning the Gospel-Kingdom of Christ; it describes, in many rich and sweet figures and expressions, the lovely Bride of Christ – the Church. It also speaks of the Lord Jesus Himself, going forth in all His Kingly grandeur – having all royal gifts, a manly and majestic form, smoothness and grace of speech, a valiant warrior’s armor, the splendor of regal dress, and success in war against all His enemies. Moreover, He possesses all virtues that are fitting and appropriate for a true Leader, such as righteousness and clemency. And in order that he may set the Kingdom of Christ before our eyes in its sweetest appearance, the Psalmist describes Him as having palaces and houses of ivory; and He also portrays Him in His loving relationship with His Queen and their sons and daughters. All these things are to be understood of the Savior’s spiritual Kingdom – that is, the Church. In this Kingdom, He Himself is the Sovereign Head – powerful, wise, just, gracious, victorious, and triumphant. And He perfectly and lovingly fulfills all the duties of that exalted office for the blessing and benefit of His own dear subjects; He preserves, comforts, enriches, and protects them against sin, the law, and death!

In the opening verses, the Psalmist tells us that his tongue was guided by the Spirit of God, just as a pen is moved by the hand of a skillful writer. There is more in Christ – about Whom he was speaking here – to engage our love, than there is or can be in any other person. This world and its charms are always ready to draw our hearts away from Jesus; therefore, we ought to strive to remember how much more worthy He is of our love!

Verses 3-5 joyfully foretell the progress and success of our Messiah. His arrows of conviction are very terrible in the hearts of sinners, until they are humbled and reconciled with Him; but the arrows of vengeance will be even more awful to His enemies, who refuse to submit to His authority. His throne is established forever. Being anointed as our Prophet, Priest, and King, Christ has pre-eminence in the gladdening gifts and graces of the Holy Spirit; and from His fullness, He communicates them to us – His brothers and sisters in human nature. The Holy Spirit is here called “the oil of gladness,” because of the delight wherewith Christ was filled as He carried out His undertakings. And the excellences of the Messiah, the suitableness of His offices, and the sufficiency of His grace seem to be intended by the description of the fragrance of His garments.

The Church of Jesus – comprised of all true believers – is compared to the Queen. By an everlasting covenant, the Lord Jesus has engaged us to Himself. This is the Bride, the Lamb’s wife. Her graces are com-pared to fine linen for their purity, and to gold for their costliness; for just as we owe our redemption to the precious blood of the Son of God, we also owe our adorning to Him as well! But if we desire to share these blessings, we must hearken to Christ’s Word. We must forget our “father’s house” – that is, our carnal and sinful lifestyle that we are naturally born into. Jesus must also be our Lord as well as our Savior; all our idols must be thrown down and thrown away, so that we may give Him our whole heart. The robe of His perfect righteousness which He has made for His Church – the Father imputes it unto her, and bestows it upon her. How beautiful it is to be clothed in the robe of our Savior’s spotless righteousness, and in the garments of salvation which He has worked out for us!

Those who strictly cling to Christ – loving Him in purity of heart – are companions of His Bride. They partake of the very same grace, they enjoy the same privileges, and they share in one common salvation. And every one of them shall be brought into the King’s presence; not one shall be lost or left behind. And in the place of our Old Testament forefathers, we – the sons and daughters of the Lord Jesus and His Bride – shall be established as His New Testament Church in all the world!

O Lord Jesus, our Heavenly Bridegroom! In the believing hope of our everlasting happiness in Your Kingdom above, let us always remember that You are our only way to get there. And we beseech You to give us grace to transmit the remembrance of Your name to all succeeding generations, so that You alone may be praised and honored, forever and ever! Amen.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for making us – Your Bride – beautiful indeed by clothing us in the robe of His own perfect righteousness which is imputed to us! Amen.

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