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Psalm 21: A Royal Triumphal Ode

by | Apr 13, 2024

psalm 21

The prayer which the Church of Jesus uttered up at the conclusion of the preceding Psalm now turns into a hymn of praise. Why? Because here, as the Messiah’s sufferings and battles are ended, she sees the result of the glory which she prayed for in Psalm 20. This is one of the beautiful songs which we find so many of in the Scriptures – prepared by the Holy Spirit to awaken and enliven the hopes and expectations of the Church while she waits for her Lord, and to give utterance to her joy at the time of His arrival!

Not only is this composition a song of praise; it is also a prophetic description of the Kingdom of Christ, which shall be everlasting. The beginning of the Psalm gloriously predicts that this King and His people shall rejoice in His Kingdom, and that the glory of it shall be great. But you must understand that this glory will not be seen by human eyes, nor shall it be measured in worldly standards; for it can only be seen in a spiritual sense, and it is only to be measured by spiritual criteria. Even when Jesus ministered on this earth, the way by which He entered into glory was by something that seemed totally opposed to honor and advancement – namely, the cross.

This Psalm also foretells that Christ’s Kingdom – that is, His Church – shall also share in His own glory. She shall be enriched with all manner of spiritual blessings, even though she is often afflicted and despised by the world. Moreover, the Savior’s words of grace and remission of sins – the joyful and sweet Gospel-news – shall be diffused abroad among all nations. Those who believe in Him shall be glad; and they shall rejoice in the good news with a full and perfect joy, which no creature shall be able to destroy or take away.

On the other hand, the Psalmist shows the downfall of all who oppose this Kingdom of God; the entirety of their own kingdoms shall be destroyed by His awful judgments. “Thou shalt make them,” says he, “to turn their back.” Because they reject the Gospel when it is freely offered and crucify Christ afresh, they shall be afflicted with heavy calamities. Nevertheless, throughout the ages, the Lord will continue to be served by those who delight to be a part of His Kingdom; and His name will forever be exalted by those who know and love Him, and who love to sing and praise His power.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, that You sit upon the throne of heaven as our Brother and our Friend! We thank You that in Your exalted state, You are thereby enabled to confer happiness and glory on us poor sinners who are taught to love and trust in You! Amen.

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