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Psalm 20: “God Save the King!”

by | Apr 13, 2024

psalm 20

Even the greatest and the best of saints may often find themselves in a day of trouble. Not even the crown on King David’s head, nor the grace in his heart, made him exempt from being attacked by his enemies on every side. This is why even the greatest and the best of saints must spend much time in prayer to the Lord. Yes, our friends and the members of our church may pray for us; but this is not an excuse why we may neglect praying for ourselves as well as for others.

Here in this Psalm, we find the people praying for their leader – beseeching the Lord to protect his person and preserve his life. They prayed that God would enable him to prosper and succeed in his undertakings for the public good; for in his victories and successes, they themselves – as his subjects – would enjoy blessings and prosperity. Likewise, we – as Christ’s people and loyal subjects – also share and participate in the glories and blessings of the spiritual victory that He has already won for us on Calvary’s hill. We will often find ourselves in a “day of trouble” when we are attacked by temptations, the devil, and the world; and our first step to success in this kind of spiritual warfare is to trust only in the mercy and grace of the Lord, for all who trust in themselves will soon be cast down! Christ’s people triumph in Him, and in His revelation of Himself to them – by which they distinguish themselves from those who live without God in the world. Those who make God and His name their praise may also make God and His name their trust. An example of this can be seen during the days of the Apostles, when the pride and power of darkness, unbelief, and pagan idolatry fell in defeat before the sermons and lives of the humble believers in Jesus. This is exactly what happens in every conflict with our spiritual enemies, when we engage them in the name, spirit, and power of Christ. And His victory will be ultimately and forever fulfilled to its highest degree on the Great Last Day, when the world and the prince of darkness shall be brought down to their final defeat. But at the same time, believers shall rise from the dead, just like their Lord; and they shall stand and sing His praises in heaven!

In Christ’s salvation, therefore, let us rejoice! Let us set up our banners in the name of the Lord our God; for we are assured that by the saving strength of His right hand, we shall be conquerors over every enemy!

Lord Jesus! Our King and Savior! We praise You for Your blessed victories and triumphs over the powers of darkness; for we, as Your people, share in the blessings of those victories. We pray that the pride and the power of darkness, unbelief, and pagan idolatry may continue to fall in defeat before the sermons and lives of Your humble believers, as they engage these spiritual enemies in Your name, Spirit, and power. Amen.

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