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Psalm 145: David’s Psalm of Praise

by | Jul 10, 2024

psalm 145

This is a very blessed Psalm of thanksgiving for the Kingdom and dominion of Jesus, which God would one day raise up among the people of Israel; for it was on account of Christ that this whole people was chosen, from the beginning, out of all other nations. It was also on account of Christ that the Law was given to them, and that the whole Mosaic worship system was established. This Psalm particularly urges us to engage in that highest and most excellent of all works – namely, the most glorious worship of God, and the sacrifice of praise, which the first table of the Decalogue demands. In the most exalted expressions, the Psalmist proclaims the power of God and His infinite mercy – which is above all His works! The whole Psalm presents to us a wonderful display of the eloquence of the Holy Spirit. It sets forth – by a great depth of feeling, and by a luxuriant abundance of words and expressions – the glorious height of the worship of God, which is embraced in these introductory words of the First Commandment: “I am the Lord thy God!” Moreover, the Psalm prays that people may acknowledge the Kingdom of Christ; David beseeches the Lord that His power and the “glorious majesty” of His Kingdom “may be known unto men” – that is, that it may be known, by the preaching of the Gospel, that there is no other deliverance from the power of the devil and sin and eternal death, than by faith in the Word of mercy and grace which is given unto us in Jesus Christ! The power and Kingdom of Christ lie hidden under the outward appearance of the cross and of weakness, and the Word of the Gospel is a contemptible doctrine in the eyes of the majority of those who are wise and powerful in this world; “the Gospel,” as Paul says, “is the wisdom of God hidden in a mystery.” Again, he reminds us that “Christ crucified is, unto the Jews, a stumbling-block, and unto the Greeks foolishness.” But when this Kingdom – by the preaching of the Word, and by the teaching and the confession of the saints – is made known before the world, it is proved to be the Kingdom of God and the power of God! That which the Psalmist says in verse 14 pertains especially unto the Kingdom of Christ, for His Kingdom is one wherein He “upholdeth all that fall, and lifteth up all them that are down.” Our Savior is the King of those who are afflicted, poor, and fallen down; He is the King of love, Who justifies sinners and raises the dead. By Him, God is reconciled unto us, and hears us as a Father. Jesus fulfills the desire of those who fear Him. He feeds and clothes those whom the world hates, and He guards and defends us against the gates of hell.

From a worshiping admiration, therefore, of the largeness of the grace of God, the Psalmist breaks out into this fervent wish and prayer: “Let all flesh bless his holy name!” Indeed, the blessings and riches of the Kingdom of Christ are immense and unsearchable. Let us, like Paul, gives thanks “unto God for his unspeakable gift!” (2 Cor. 9:15) 

Lord Jehovah, we praise You as the One Who is gracious, full of compassion, slow to anger, and full of great mercy! (verse 8) Thank You for showing Your goodness to all, and for pouring out Your tender mercies over all Your works (verse 9). Amen.

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