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Psalm 142: Prayer From a Cave

by | Jul 8, 2024

psalm 142

If the reader wishes to see the part which King David personally played in this Psalm, he will find the explanation in the history recorded in the Book of First Samuel. It is more than likely that the cave which is referenced in the title of this Psalm was either that of Adullam (1 Sam. 22:1-2) or a cavern in the wilderness of En-gedi (1 Sam. 24). But there is much more here than that which we see in reference to David’s personal trials and afflictions at the hand of Saul, who sought to take away his life unjustly. Let us consider the words of these verses (1-3) as they apply to Jesus, and we will behold even higher instructions arising out of them! As we behold the Lamb of God being hunted to death by both Jews and Gentiles from the judgment-hall of Pilate, all the way to the Mount of Calvary, we find a situation even worse than David’s! O how our Savior poured out His soul in prayer in the garden and upon the cross! How was His spirit overwhelmed, when His Father looked on His sufferings and yet turned away His face from Him! In the contemplation of Jesus’ agonies, which He endured on our behalf – how can we pause to look at David, when One Who is infinitely greater than David is here foreshadowed?

In the latter four verses of this Psalm, we may look once again to Jesus. Call to mind how one disciple betrayed Him, and another denied Him, and all forsook Him and fled! Hear the strong cries of our Savior on the cross, when He was casting Himself upon His Father as His refuge and His portion! Behold the Lord Jehovah bringing Him out of the prison of the grave, in His resurrection; and trace the blessed results of that resurrection, in the righteous ones believing on His name and surrounding Him around on every side – for now the Lord has highly exalted Him, and given Him a name that is above every name! O how truly delightful it is to thus read Christ’s history in early prophecy, and in the pictures and foreshadows of His servants in the Old Testament! And how truly blessed it is when we can also add our own testimony, in our firm belief in Him!

O Lord Jesus! We rejoice in the fact that although all earthly refuges fail us, and no man cares for our souls; yet You do care for us, for You have bought us with Your blood! Thank You for preserving us with Your grace, and for being our Savior! Amen.

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