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Psalm 134: The Farewell Psalm

by | Jul 3, 2024

psalm 134

This Psalm opens with a call upon the servants – perhaps the Levites – who ministered in the Temple day and night, to bless the Lord; and it ends with something like an answer to everyone who was engaged in this employment. But since Jesus has made all His people kings and priests to the Father, the call in these Gospel-days may well be supposed to be directed to everyone. Let us consider it in this point of view, and may the Lord Who calls also give us grace to obey most joyfully! Before the coming of Christ, constant service or watching was observed in the Temple without intermission; the Levites served there by day and by night. The fire on the altar and the lamps in the holy place were constantly kept burning (Lev. 6:13; 24:2-4). But in the Gospel-Church, the “spirit of judgment” and “the spirit of burning” supplies light for the place (Isa. 4:4). Brother or sister! Let you and I see to it that everywhere, and in all things – both by day and by night – we are lifting up holy hands in praises and love to our Lord Jesus Christ! And may each one of us pray to God that He may bestow His blessing out of Zion – both upon ourselves personally, and also upon all whom we come in contact with!

Lord, we repent of times when we have been slothful and sluggish in our service to You. We beseech You for grace and strength to serve You both day and night, as the Levites did in the Temple of old! Amen.

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