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Psalm 128: Home Sweet Home!

by | Jul 1, 2024

psalm 128

No purer or fairer song was ever penned than this miniature picture of a happy home! But its calm and simple beauty has deep foundations. The inspired poet sets forth the basis of all noble and peaceful life when he begins with the fear of Jehovah; and from thence, he advances to practical conformity with His will, which is manifested by walking in the paths which He traces out for us. From that point, the transition is an easy one; for it moves on to the mention of diligent labor – and the singer is sure that such work, done on such principles and from such a motive, cannot go unblessed! Outward wealth and prosperity does not necessarily follow the work of a righteous person, but the best fruits of such work are not those which can be stored in barns or enjoyed by the senses; and the laborer who does his work “heartily, as to the Lord,” will certainly reap a harvest in character and power and communion with God – no matter what transitory gain may be attained or missed in the process.

The sweet little sketch of a joyous home, in verse 3, is touched with true grace and feeling! The wife and mother is happy in her noble calling at home, where she is ready to welcome her husband as he returns from his employment. The family gathers around the table to share the meal that was won and sweetened by his hard work. The children are in vigorous health, and are growing up and flourishing like young olive plants. It may be noted that this verse exhibits a home in the earlier stages of married life, and reflects the happy hopes which are associated with youthful children who are all still gathered under the father’s roof; while the latter part of the Psalm presents a later stage to our view, when the father sits more as a spectator rather than an active worker, and sees sons and daughters being born to his own children.

Verse 4 emphatically dwells, once more, on the fact that the foundation of all is laid in the fear of Jehovah. Happy is a nation whose poets have such ideals and sing of such themes! How wide is the chasm which separates this lovely song of pure home joys from the foul pictures and thoughts which the songs of the world try to celebrate and adorn! The nation of Israel first taught the world how sacred the family is, and now Christianity recognizes “a church in the house” of every wedded pair whose love is sanctified by the fear of God.

In the last two verses of this Psalm, petitions take the place of assurances; for the poet knows that none of the good which he has been singing of will come unless there is the enjoyment of that blessing which the preceding Psalm had spoken of. All the beautiful and calm joys that have just been described must flow from the Lord.

It is the duty of even the happiest husband and father to not let himself be so absorbed in the sweetness of his home, so as to have no active interest in the cause of Christ outside of his own walls. From his cheerful hearth, the eyes of a true lover of Zion are to look out and be gladdened when they see prosperity smiling on the Church as well! Some Christians are so happy in their households, that their duties to the Church and the nation and the world are sadly neglected. But this ancient singer had an accurate perception of the obligations which flow from personal and domestic blessings. He teaches us that it is not enough to see our children’s children, unless we have eyes to look for the prosperity of Jerusalem; and tongues which not only pray for those in our own homes, but also for “peace upon Israel!”

O Lord Jesus! We pray now for our own homes and families, so that they may be living illustrations of this pure and beautiful song. We ask for grace to continue to be poured out upon us, so that our home-life may be lovely, noble, and peaceful! And we pray that Your blessings may continue to flow down – not only upon us – but also upon our children’s children, and upon all the people of Zion! Amen.

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