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Psalm 125: The Mountain Psalm

by | Jun 30, 2024

psalm 125

Our Lord Jesus has said of His Church that He would build it upon a rock – so firm and immoveable, that not even the gates of hell should prevail against it. And what Jesus said of His Church, this Psalm says of every true member of that Church. “They that trust in the Lord shall be as mount Zion, which cannot be removed, but abideth for ever!” (verse 1) Yet there is a sense in which the image that is here employed to express the security of the Lord’s people is a very inadequate one. Jerusalem, amidst its amphitheater of hills, seemed almost impregnable; and yet invaders more than once shot their arrows against its walls, came before it with shield and buckler, cast their battlements against it, and even entered within its gates and burned it with fire. Similarly, even a mountain seems immovable on its firm foundations; it gives one the idea of an everlasting duration. Yet not only does the storm gather around its summit, and the lightnings play – but very often, the earthquake has also upheaved its mighty mass, even to the very center; and the fire and lava from its rocky depths have thrown up desolation, dismay, and ruin to all around. But the man, woman, or child who trusts in the Lord shall have a firmer and a deeper foundation than even Mount Zion! They cannot be removed forever, for they are founded upon a Rock – and that Rock is Christ! Therefore, although the rains may descend, and the floods may come, and the winds may blow and beat upon them – yet, being rooted in Christ, they cannot be overthrown; neither can anyone pluck them out of their Father’s hands. All the attributes of God are as a wall unto them on their right hand and on their left – not only the love, mercy, gentleness, and tenderness of the Lord; but also those attributes of His holiness and justice and truth and faithfulness, which (at first sight) would seem to be arrayed in all their terror against them.

Lord Jesus, we thank You for being our Rock of ages – our Rock, our confidence, our stronghold, and our abiding-place forever. We beseech You for grace to be strong in Your strength, and to be made powerful in Your might; for then we will be made more than conquerors through You, Who loves us dearly! Amen.

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