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Psam 124: The Psalm of Escape

by | Jun 30, 2024

psalm 124

In this Psalm, the people of God give thanks to Him for defending His little helpless flock. Here on this earth, they live in the midst of the kingdom of the devil; they struggle against all temptations, against tyrants, and against bloodthirsty hypocrites. But Jehovah delivers them from the snares of all these evil men and demons – the number of whom is so great, that when they are compared with Christ’s little flock, they are like a sweeping deluge which swallows up the solitary little brooklet. Their teeth are of iron, their power against the people of God is very great, and their snares (that is, their cunning devices) are very crafty. Nevertheless, the children of God may be comforted by remembering this promise: “Greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world!” Our Savior has already broken and destroyed their teeth, and He has already defeated their snares. How often have His people beheld His miraculous and wonderful interventions and deliverances, when it seemed as if they would certainly be swallowed up alive!

But here in this Psalm, we learn another very important lesson: when the people of God – either individually or collectively – experience a great deliverance from their spiritual enemies, they do not ascribe any glory to themselves for it. Rather, Faith refers all the success of her deliverance to the Lord. It is very sweet – in any and every trial and victory – for us to trace our Redeemer’s hand leading us through all, and bringing us out of all! Truly, we may say, in reference to our redemption from the powers of sin, “If Jesus had not been on our side, when hell was up in arms against us, and when our own corrupt passions joined in the dreadful conflict; we would certainly have been swallowed up, and we would have been lost forever and ever!” O precious Redeemer! What a blessing it was for us that many waters could not quench Your love, neither could all the floods of sin and death drown it! (Song of Sol. 8:7)

Dear brother or sister! Shall we not join the song of happy thanksgiving in the last three verses of this Psalm? Blessed forever be name of our Lord Jesus, Who has delivered us from the snares of Satan and his minions; and henceforth, our help and hope and strength shall only be in Him. O my soul! The Church and every believer are and must be safe in His eternal and Almighty hands! Let us sing aloud, “Behold, God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and song, he also is become my salvation!” (Isa. 12:2)

Lord Jesus! We ascribe all blessings to Your name, for You have delivered us from the snares of Satan and his minions, and You hold us safely in Your eternal and Almighty hands. We pray that You would continue to be our help and confidence forever, and that You would preserve and protect us from all temptations, tyrants, and bloodthirsty hypocrites – for You have already broken their teeth and destroyed their snares! Amen.

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