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Psalm 119: 89-96: Love for the Lord’s Word

by | Jun 25, 2024

psalm 119: 89-96

“For ever, O Lord, thy word is settled in heaven!” (verse 89). The tone of the Psalm is now more joyful, for experience has given the sweet singer a comfortable knowledge of the Word of the Lord – and this makes a glad theme indeed! After tossing about on a sea of trouble, the Psalmist now leaps to shore and stands upon the Rock. Jehovah’s Word is not fickle nor uncertain; it is settled, determined, fixed, sure, and immovable. Man’s teachings change so often that there is never time for them to be settled; but the Lord’s Word is the same from age to age, and it will remain unchanged eternally. Some people are never happier than when they are unsettling everything and everybody, but God’s mind is not with them. The power and glory of heaven have confirmed each sentence which the mouth of the Lord has spoken, and so confirmed it that it must stand the same to all eternity. It is settled in heaven, where nothing can reach it. In the former section, David’s soul fainted; but here the good man looks away from himself, and perceives that the Lord does not faint. He is never weary, neither is there any failure in His Word.

The words of this verse take the form of an ascription of praise, for the faithfulness and immutability of God are very proper themes for holy song. When we are tired of gazing upon the shifting scene of this life, the thought of the immutable promises of the Lord fill our mouth with singing. His purposes, promises, and precepts are all settled in His own mind; and none of them shall be disturbed. Covenant-settlements will not be removed, however unsettled the thoughts of men may become.

“Thy faithfulness is unto all generations,” the Psalmist continues (verse 90). This is an additional glory! Not only is the Lord’s Word settled in heaven, but His faithfulness is also unaffected by the lapse of ages. He is not only faithful to one man throughout his lifetime, but also to his children’s children after him – yes, and to all generations, as long as they keep His Covenant and remember His commandments to do them. The promises are ancient things; yet they are not worn out by centuries of use, for the Divine faithfulness endures forever. He who came to the aid of His servants thousands of years ago still shows Himself strong on behalf of all those who trust in Him.

“Thou hast established the earth, and it abideth” (verse 90). Nature is governed by fixed laws; the globe keeps its course by the Divine command, and displays no irregular movements; the seasons observe their predestined order; the sea obeys the rule of ebb and flow; and all other things are marshaled in their appointed order. There is an analogy between the Word of God and the works of God – particularly in the fact that they are both constant, fixed, and un-changeable. God’s Word which established the world is the same as that which He has embodied in the Scriptures; by the word of the Lord were the heavens made, and especially by Him Who is emphatically “the Word” (John 1:1). As we see the world keeping its place and all its laws abiding the same, we have assurance that the Lord will be faithful to His Covenant and will not allow the faith of His people to be put to shame. Surely, if the earth abides, the spiritual creation will also abide! If God’s Word suffices to establish the world, then doubtless it is enough for the establishment of the individual believer!

Lord, we repent of times when we have not delighted in Your Word, and when we have gazed upon the shifting scene of this life instead of focusing upon Your immutable promises. We also pray for grace to remember that You will be faithful to Your Covenant, and that You will not allow the faith of Your people to be put to shame! Amen.

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