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Psalm 119: 65-72: Love for the Lord’s Word

by | Jun 24, 2024

psalm 119: 65-72

In this ninth section of the Psalm, all the verses begin with the Hebrew letter Teth. They are the witness of an experienced believer – testifying to the goodness of God, the graciousness of His dealings, and the preciousness of His Word. Here David particularly proclaims the excellent uses of adversity, and the goodness of God in afflicting him. Verse 65 is the theme verse of this entire octave.

“Thou hast dealt well with thy servant, O Lord, according unto thy word” (verse 65). This is the summary of David’s life; and assuredly, it is also the sum of ours! He tells the Lord the verdict of his heart; he cannot be silent; he must speak his gratitude in the presence of Jehovah, his God. From the universal goodness of God in nature (which the Psalmist contemplated in verse 64), it is an easy and pleasant step to acknowledge the Lord’s uniform goodness to ourselves personally. It is a marvelous wonder that God has even had any dealings at all with such insignificant and undeserving beings as we are, and it is far more amazing that He has dealt so well with us! He has done all things well – that rule has no exception. In Providence and in grace, in giving prosperity and in sending adversity – in everything, Jehovah has dealt well with us! And it is dealing well on our part to tell the Lord that we feel that He has dealt well with us, for praise of this kind is especially fitting and beautiful. However, this kindness of the Lord is no chance matter; He promised to do so, and He has done it according to His Word. It is very precious to see the Word of the Lord fulfilled in our happy experience; it endears the Scripture to us, and makes us love the Lord of the Scripture. The Book of Providence tallies with the Book of Promise; that which we read in the pages of inspiration, we meet again in the leaves of our life-story. We may not have thought that it would be so; but our unbelief is repented of, now that we see the mercy of the Lord to us, and His faithfulness to His Word. Henceforth, therefore, we are bound to display a firmer faith in God and His promises. He has spoken well, and He has dealt well. He is the best of Masters, for it is to very unworthy and incapable servants that He has acted thus blessedly; and does this not cause us to delight in His service more and more? We cannot say that we have dealt well with our Master; for even if we have done all, we are still unprofitable servants. But as for our Lord, He has given us light work, bountiful provisions, loving encouragement, and handsome wages! It is a wonder that He has not long ago discharged us, or at least reduced our allowances or handled us roughly; yet we have had no hard dealings – for all has been ordered with as much consideration as if we had rendered perfect obedience. We have had bread enough and to spare, our provisions have been duly supplied, and His service has ennobled us and made us as happy as kings. Complaints – we have none! We lose ourselves in adoring thanksgiving, and find ourselves again in careful thanks-living.

“The law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver” (verse 72). “The law of thy mouth” – what a sweetly expressive name for the Word of God! It comes from God’s own mouth with freshness and power to our souls. Things that are written are like dried herbs, but speech has a liveliness and dew about it. We do well to look upon the Word of the Lord as though it were newly spoken into our ears; for in very truth, it is not decayed by years – but it is as forcible and sure as though it was just uttered. The same lips which spoke us into existence have spoken the Law by which we are to govern that existence. Whence could a Law so sweetly proceed, as from the mouth of our Covenant-God? Well may we prize beyond all price that which comes from such a source!

This Law “is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver.” If a poor man had said this, the world’s witlings would have hinted that he said it in bitterness, and that men who have no wealth are the first to despise it. But this is not so. These words are the verdict of a man who did own “thousands of gold and silver”; he could judge, by actual experience, of the value of money and the value of truth. He speaks of great riches; he heaps it up by thousands; he mentions the varieties of its forms – “gold and silver.” And then he sets the Word of God before it all, as far better to him – even if others did not think it better to them. Wealth is good in some respects, but obedience is better in all respects. It is good to keep the treasures of this life, but it is far more commendable to keep the Law of the Lord. His Word is better than gold and silver, for these may be stolen from us – but not the Word. These things take to themselves wings, but the Word of God remains; these are useless in the hour of death, but it is just at that time that the promises in His Word are most dear! Instructed Christians recognize the value of the Lord’s Word, and they warmly express it – not only in their testimony to their fellow human beings, but also in their devotions to their God. It is a sure sign of a heart which has learned the Lord’s statutes, when it prizes them above all earthly possessions; and it is an equally certain mark of grace at work in a person’s heart, when the precepts of Scripture are as precious to them as its promises. May the Lord cause us to thus prize the Law of His mouth!

Take a moment to observe how this portion of the Psalm is flavored with goodness. God’s dealings are good (verse 65), holy judgment is good (verse 66), affliction is good (verse 67), and God is good (verse 68); and the Law of His mouth is not only good, but it is also better than the best of earthly treasures. Lord, make us good through Your good Word! Amen.

Thank You, Lord, for Your goodness and kindness to us, which You have shown to us in fulfillment of Your Word and promises! Amen.

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