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Psalm 119: 49-56: Love for the Lord’s Word

by | Jun 24, 2024

psalm 119: 49-56

This octrain speaks of the comfort of the Word of God. It begins by seeking the main consolation – namely, the Lord’s fulfillment of His promise. And then it shows how the Word sustains us under afflictions; it makes us so unmoved by ridicule, that the harsh conduct of the wicked actually moves us to be horrified by their sins, rather than to submit their temptations. We are then shown how the Scripture furnishes songs for pilgrims, and memories for night-watchers; and this section of the Psalm concludes with the general statement that the entirety of this happiness and comfort arises out of keeping the statutes of the Lord.

“Thy statutes,” declares the Psalmist, “have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage” (verse 54). Let us take a moment to consider the fact that this is exactly what we are as Christians in this world – we are pilgrims! We belong to another country; we are foreigners and strangers in this world. And as pilgrims who are not permanently residing here, our main business is to get on and pass through the land as quickly as we may. We have a few brothers and sisters who are going on pilgrimage with us; and for them, we are very thankful – for good company cheers the way. Yet the majority of those who are dear to us are already over yonder. After all, where is our Father? And where is our Elder Brother? And where is the Bridegroom of our souls?

However, we are not merely pilgrims in this world; we are singing pilgrims! “Thy statutes have been my songs in the house of my pilgrimage.” Pilgrims to heaven are a merry sort of people, after all. They have their trials, more than those which other people know; but they also have their joys – and among these joys, there are sweet delights such as worldlings can never taste! The sing-ing pilgrim is a person who has a world of joy within him, and who is journeying to another world – where, for him, all will be joy to an even higher degree. He sings high praises unto God, and blesses His name beyond measure; for he has reason to do so – reason which never slackens or lessens.

But what is the singing pilgrims’ songbook? “Thy statutes.” The Bible is a wonderful Book indeed; it serves a thousand purposes in the family of God. Mr. Spurgeon used to recollect a book which his father used to have, entitled Family Medicine; and it was consulted when any of the children fell sick with childhood illnesses. The Bible is our “Book of Family Medicine.” In some houses, the book they consult most is a Household Guide; but the Bible is the best Guide for all families. This Book may be consulted in every case, and its advice and teachings will never mislead. You can use it at funerals; there are no such words as those which Paul has written concerning the resurrection of the dead. You can use it at weddings; where else can the man and his bride find such holy guidance? You can use it for birthdays. You can use it for a lamp at night. You can use it for a shade by day. It is a universal Book; it is the Book of books, and it has furnished material for mountains of other books. This is the Book that we use as a songbook for our pilgrimage, because it tells us the way to heaven! We often sing as we come to a fresh spot on the route, and we bless God that we find the road to be just as it is described in the Way-book – just as our Divine Master said it would be. Well may we sing a song of gratitude for the infallible Word!

Lord, we repent of times when we have consulted the books and writings and opinions of men – all the while forgetting to open the pages of Your Scriptures, which may be studied and applied in every daily circumstance. We pray for grace to banquet our faith upon Your own Word; for no matter what our fears or needs may be, we may freely go to the Bank of Faith with Your promises, saying, “Remember the word unto thy servant, upon which thou hast caused me to hope!” Amen.

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