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Psalm 119:25-32: Love for the Lord’s Word

by | Jun 23, 2024

psalm 119: 25-32

The Hebrew letter which represents this portion of the Psalm corresponds with our letter D; it sings of depression, in the spirit of devotion and determination and dependence. Here we have the Psalmist in trouble – bewailing the bondage to earthly things, in which he finds his mind to be held. His soul clings to the dust, melts for heaviness, and cries for freedom from its spiritual prison. In these verses, we see the influence of the Divine Word upon a heart which laments its downward tendencies, and which is filled with mourning because of its deadening surroundings. The Word of the Lord evidently arouses prayer (verses 25-29), confirms choices (verse 30), and inspires renewed resolution (verse 32). In all tribulation, whether of body or of mind, it is the surest source of help!

The Psalmist finds himself in a dire malady of the soul – a loss of interest in spiritual things, and an inability to hold conscious communion with Him Who is our life. It is the hanging for hours over a prayer which will not speak. It is the shelving of the Bible as a Book which may have a voice for others, but which has no voice for us. It is the going about of our daily business like a machine, which has neither heart nor will in it.

What are the possible causes of such a lamentable condition? It may be that the strength of the soul has been undermined by some evil habit of youth, which is fatal to moral and spiritual energy. Perhaps the very virtue has gone out of our Christianity by an attempt to serve two masters – God and the world. There may have been, at some point, a definite failure in duty or affection – which has given a shock to the soul, causing it to be stunned and paralyzed. Alas! There is often much explanation in that taunt of the ancient Egyptians – “Ye are idle! Ye are idle!” – in its bearing upon the life of the soul and its relationship with God. It is very common that persons who are vigorous in everything else – in business, politics, sports, or personal hobbies – are often sluggish and lazy in their spiritual life.

But now hear the Psalmist’s cry for help! “My soul cleaveth to the dust,” he says. Although he was taken from the dust, and to dust he would return; yet God breathed into him afterwards a living soul, and that soul is not dust – and that soul must return to the God Who gave it. He desires the Lord to snap the chain which was holding down the God-breathed soul to the dust from which its mere shell and husk were taken. And his cry was answered! It forms the last part of the opening verse of this section: “Quicken thou me according to thy word!” You see how he felt that the thing which is impossible with men is still possible with God. If we cling to the dust before the Lord, let us immediately beseech Him to look upon us, and call Him in to witness our misery – and He will quicken us! We do not say (for it would be untrue) that the soul which has long lain in the dust will immediately spread her wings for everlasting flight. It would not be a moral doctrine to neglect to mention efforts, daily relapses, and frequent disappointments. But we do say that what God has done before in quickening, He will do again – day by day, again and again, without upbraiding – and He will do it effectually!

Thank You, Lord, for drawing near to quicken, strengthen, and teach us – just like the father of the prodigal son, who saw him when he was a long way off, and ran to meet him; for his love could not wait until the son had traversed that intervening distance! Amen.

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