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Psalm 119: 105-112: Love for the Lord’s Word

by | Jun 26, 2024

psalm 119: 105-112

“Thy word is a lamp unto my feet!” (verse 105) We are walkers through the city of this world, and we are often called to go out into its darkness; let us never venture there without the light-giving Word, lest we slip with our feet! Every man, woman, and child should use the Word of God personally, practically, and habitually; for within its pages, they may see their way and what lies in it. When darkness settles down upon all around us, the Word of the Lord – like a flaming torch – reveals our way. In the Psalmist’s days, there were no fixed streetlamps in the towns; and so each person carried a lantern with him when he went out after dark, so that he might not stumble in the road. This is a true picture of our path through this dark world! We would never know the way, or how to walk in it, if the Book of Scripture – like a blazing beacon – did not reveal it to us. One of the most practical benefits of Holy Writ is guidance in the acts of daily life; it is not sent to astound us with its brilliance, but to guide us by its practical instruction. It is true that our heads need illumination, but it is even more important that our feet are properly directed; or else both our head and our feet may fall into a ditch. Happy is the person who personally takes God’s Word, and practically uses it as a comfort and a counselor – a lamp to his or her own feet.

But not only is the Bible “a lamp unto my feet”; it is also “a light unto my path!” It is a lamp by night, a light by day, and a delight at all times! David guided his own steps by it, and saw the difficulties of his road by its beams. He who walks in darkness is sure, sooner or later, to stumble. But he who walks by the light of day, or by the lamp of night, does not stumble; he keeps his uprightness. Ignorance is painful upon practical subjects; it breeds indecision and suspense, and these are uncomfortable. However, the Word of God – by imparting heavenly knowledge – leads to decisiveness; and when that is followed by determined resolution, it brings with it great restfulness of heart.

“I have inclined mine heart to perform thy statutes alway,” the Psalmist says, “even unto the end” (verse 112). He was not half-inclined to virtue, but heartily inclined to it. His whole heart was bent on practical, persevering Godliness. He was resolved to keep the statutes of the Lord with all his heart, throughout all his time, without erring or ending. He made it his life’s purpose to keep the Law unto the end. By prayer, meditation, and resolution, he had made his whole being lean toward God’s commands – or, more accurately, the grace of God had inclined him to incline his heart in a sanctified direction. Many are inclined to preach, but the Psalmist was inclined to practice; many are inclined to perform ceremonies, but he was inclined to perform statutes; many are inclined to obey occasionally, but David desired to obey always; and – alas! – many are inclined to temporary religion, but this Godly man was bound for eternity! He resolved to perform the statutes of his Lord and King, even unto the end.

O Lord, send us such a heavenly inclination of heart as this! Then shall we show that You have quickened us and taught us. For this purpose, create in us a clean heart, and daily renew a right spirit within us – for it is only in this way that our hearts shall be inclined in the right direction!

Lord, we praise You for giving us Your written Word; for within its pages, we may get a true picture of our path through this dark world, and what lies in it. Thank You for the practical benefits of Holy Scripture, which give us guidance in our daily lives. And thank You that we may personally take Your Word, and practically use it as our comfort and counselor – a lamp to our feet! Amen.

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