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Psalm 117: The Shortest Psalm

by | Jun 21, 2024

psalm 117

“O praise the Lord, all ye nations!” This is an exhortation to the Gentiles (all non-Jews) to glorify Jehovah, and it is a clear proof that the true Old Testament spirit differed widely from that narrow-minded national prejudice which filled the hearts of the Jews during our Savior’s earthly ministry. The nations of the world could not be expected to join in the praise of Jehovah, unless they were also to become partakers of the same spiritual benefits which Israel enjoyed. Hence this Psalm was a hint to Israel that the grace and mercy of their God were not to be confined to themselves alone; but rather, in happier days, they would be extended to the whole human race of mankind. All the nations of the earth were to be the Lord’s people. We know and believe that not one tribe of mankind shall be unrepresented in the universal song which shall ascend unto the Lord of all! By the preaching of the Gospel, individuals have already been gathered out of every kindred and people and tongue; and these have right heartily joined in magnifying the grace which sought them out, and brought them to know the Lord Jesus. And these persons are only the firstfruits of that multitude which no man can number, who will be gathered together before long to worship the all-glorious One! “Praise him, all ye people.”

“For his merciful kindness is great toward us.” By these words, the Psalmist not only means His great love toward the Jewish people, but even toward the whole family of mankind. The Lord is kind to us as His creatures, and merciful to us as sinners – hence His “merciful kindness” to us as sinful creatures. This mercy is very great and powerful. His mighty grace has prevailed just as the waters of Noah’s Flood prevailed over the earth; they break over all bounds, and flow toward all portions of the human race. In Christ Jesus, God has shown mercy mixed with kindness, to the very highest degree! Grace has abounded to millions of perishing sinners, including ourselves! Therefore, we can surely join in this grateful acknowledgment, and in the praise which is due to His name. Let us listen to the offers of His grace, and pray for that time when all nations of the earth shall show forth His praises, and bless Him for the unsearchable riches of His Gospel-grace!

“And the truth of the Lord endureth for ever.” He has kept His Covenant-promise to Abraham – assuring him that in his descendants, all nations of the earth would be blessed. And He will eternally keep every single promise of that Covenant to all those who put their trust in Him. This should be a cause of constant and grateful praise, and so the Psalm concludes as it began – with another Hallelujah: “Praise ye the Lord!”

O Lord Jesus! We join our voices with the Hallelujahs of this short but sweet Psalm, and sing praises to Your name. Thank You for the happiness that we now enjoy, since we have been brought near by Your precious blood, to hear and know the joyful sound of the Gospel, and to walk in the light of Your face! We will now bend our knees in thankful remembrance for Your unspeakable gift of salvation and redemption! Amen.

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