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Psalm 114: The Exodus Psalm

by | Jun 19, 2024

psalm 114

This is a Psalm of thanksgiving, which was sung by the people of Israel in praise to God while celebrating the Feast of the Passover. It magnifies Him for bringing them – with a mighty and powerful hand – out of Egypt, through the Red Sea, through the desert, over mountains, through the Jordan River, and into the land of promise. But we may also make good use of this Psalm; for we may employ its words to give thanks to Jesus, Who delivered us from the kingdom of darkness, and brought us into the Kingdom of Light and eternal life!

As we read and sing this Psalm, let us acknowledge God’s power and goodness in the wondrous works that He did for Israel; but let us also apply it to that much greater work of wonder – namely, our redemption by Christ! And let us encourage ourselves and others to trust in God, even in the greatest difficulties. When the Lord Jesus comes for the salvation of His people, He redeems them from the power of sin and Satan, separates them from the ungodly world, forms them to be His people, and becomes their King. There is no Red Sea nor Jordan River that is too deep or too wide to be divided and driven back, when God’s time to work has come. Consider this in relation to the planting and establishment of the Christian Church in the world. What ailed Satan and his idolatries, that they trembled as they did when the Lord’s Apostles and evangelists preached the good news of the Gospel? But let us come even closer and apply the words of this sacred song to the work of grace in our hearts! What turns the tide of the stream in a regenerated soul? What opposes and repels the lusts and corruptions, causing them to fly back? What causes prejudices to be removed, and what transforms the whole man into a new creation? It is the presence of God’s Holy Spirit! At the sight of the Lord, not only mountains, but the whole earth itself may well tremble; for it now lies under the curse for man’s sin.

But see how the Israelites were protected as they exited Egypt and journeyed through the desolate wilderness to the Promised Land! They were provided for by miracles, such as the fountain of waters which flowed from the flinty rock – and the New Testament explains that this Rock was Christ. The Son of God – the Rock of ages – gave Himself to death so that He might open a fountain to wash away our sins, and supply believers with waters of life and consolation! He rescued us poor sinners from the Egypt-like bondage of sin and Satan; He has led us out with a mighty hand and a stretched-out arm, and brought us through the Red Sea of His blood. Yes, unrepentant sinners may very well fear before their just and holy Judge (verse 7); but since our Savior gave even His very life for us, we may rest assured that no blessing is too great to expect from His amazing love!

Lord, we do lament the state of undegenerated nature that we were in, before You brought us out of the Egypt of sin and corruption; for “we were by nature,” says the Apostle, “children of wrath, even as others.” But we also thank You for the distinguishing grace of God in Christ – which makes all the difference between a people of strange language, and those who can sing the Song of Moses and the Lamb! Amen.

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