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Psalm 111: The Psalm of God’s Works

by | Jun 17, 2024

psalm 111

This Psalm of praise may still be sung now, in the same manner that it was sung long ago in the Temple at Jerusalem; but it is also fit for that day that is described in Revelation 19:1-4, which shall be the day of many Hallelujahs – such as those with which this Psalm begins. Christ the Messiah very possibly sang it during His ministry on earth, and so may each of His members in His spiritual Kingdom.

The theme of this blessed composition is very simple. In verse 1, we hear of “the assembly of the upright” – either the assemblies that regularly meet to worship the Lord here on earth; or that great multitude which shall meet on the Great Last Day, in the heavenly Kingdom above. In the second verse, we have the theme of our praise – namely, Jehovah’s works, which engage the attention of all who are in these “assemblies” or meetings. They find majesty and glory therein; they find, according to verse 4, that “he has erected a memorial for his wonderful works” – that is, He has made them to be remembered as certainly as when men construct a memorial-edifice. At verse 7, the unchangeableness of His ways is the leading thought, and it occurs again in verses 8 and 9. And then this sweet song of Zion closes (verse 10) with the solemn expression of entire satisfaction in the Lord and His ways.

It is worth noticing that verse 10 sings, “The beginning of wisdom is Jehovah’s fear.” Job had declared that truth to the sons of men, even in the earliest ages (Job 28:28). In after days, King Solomon declared it with all the authority of his unparalleled wisdom and greatness (Prov. 1:7). But here, the Messiah and His people may be regarded as singing it not only on earth, but also in the Kingdom – in “the assembly of the upright.” They shall forever speak of all true Wisdom being found in the Lord. Never, until they knew Him, did any of them know anything that could truly satisfy their souls; but in knowing Him, they all found eternal life. And out of this Fountain of Wisdom, they drink forevermore! “Holy and reverend is his name!” (verse 9) Herein lies Wisdom: those who know that name are forever blessed, and Messiah came to earth for the express purpose of revealing it to us! How deserving He is of the Hallelujahs of His people, as they remember His Covenant of mercy and redemption! (verses 4, 9)

O Lord Jesus, we pray for forgiveness for our slothfulness and sluggishness in singing our Hallelujahs to You, and for failing to keep Your Covenant of mercy and redemption in the forefront of our minds. We beseech the Holy Spirit to give us Your holy fear, and put it in our hearts, so that we may never depart from You. And we pray for grace to make it our morning delight, our noonday rejoicing, and our evening song to search out Your gracious dealings toward the sons and daughters of men! Amen.

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