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Psalm 11: The Song of the Steadfast

by | Apr 7, 2024

psalm 11

This Psalm is a complaint against erroneous and fanatical spirits, which includes all those wicked persons or organizations who – even in the present day – draw people astray from the pure and true doctrine of faith. These evil persons mislead many and cause them to stray from the true worship of Jehovah (which stands in true faith, and in the fear of God in the heart); and they encourage them to join in the hypocrisy which they themselves are guilty of, and which always has an outward show of something great and wonderful. These evildoers draw people away from trusting in God, like so many birds; and they make them fly over to their mountains – that is, they make them turn easily over to hypocrisy and whitewash-holiness, which outwardly appear to be something great and wonderful. These false confidences pretend to be firm rocks upon which one may rely; but in reality, they are all empty and hollow nothingness.

David ascribes to these characters that which is the peculiar characteristic of hypocrites: they arrogantly and proudly despise and deride those who are truly Godly. “What,” say they, “can that righteous one do?” (verse 3). “That fine fellow of a Christian – what can that poor miserable creature accomplish?” they laugh. But in the end, we are assured by the consolation that the Lord will certainly hear and regard His despised and afflicted sons and daughters! He is always present with them; and by manifest tokens, He will show them that He will never forsake them. And He will also make it clear that He will indeed take vengeance, by horrible judgments, upon all these hypocritical scoffers and enemies of His children.

How blessed it is to have Christ to flee unto, and to put our sure trust in, when storms invade the Church, or when these arrogant enemies come forward with a high hand! “Though a host encamp against me,” said the Psalmist of old, “yet shall not my heart be afraid.” And it is here alone, in the well-grounded confidence of salvation by Jesus, that a true believer finds adequate support under every affliction. What real, solid, and substantial comfort this must give to every true believer, who has Jesus for his or her hope, righteousness, and salvation!

How stands the case between God and your soul? Is Jesus your hope, your consolation, and your security? Then – and not otherwise – will your soul be lifted up and carried through all the difficulties of the spiritual conflict; for if God is for us, who can be against us?

Lord Jesus, we pray for grace and strength to not be daunted by the enemies who invade Your Church and rise up to discourage our souls; for even though a whole host of men and demons may rise against us, we do not need to be afraid – for when You are on our side, we are assured that Your power is greater than all who can come against us! Amen.

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