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Psalm 109: A Prayer Against Evildoers

by | Jun 16, 2024

psalm 109

This Psalm is full of the tears and complaints of the Lord’s people against wicked hypocrites. It may be very properly considered as containing the essence of the thoughts of Christ, deeply complaining against His betrayers, and also against the cruelty of the Jews, which was not satisfied even after the shedding of His innocent blood. Such hypocrites and evildoers, in all nations and ages, are like Judas Iscariot and the unbelieving Jews. So great and bitter is the terribleness and fury of their virulent and Satanic hatred, that they cannot rest satisfied with the shedding of the blood of Abel and all the saints from the beginning of the world; for they hanged Christ Himself on the cross, and that was not all – they also wagged their heads at Him (verse 25), and insulted and mocked His sufferings. Concerning these wretches, David says, “They have opened their blaspheming mouth against me” – for the raving fury of such hypocrites is incredible. Again, he says, “For my love they are my adversaries, but I give myself unto prayer.” And, “They have rewarded me evil for good, and hatred for my love.” And again, “They fight against me without a cause.” These are the true and real colors of these hypocrites who pretend to be in the truth! Here we not only have a portrait of the Cainish faces of these Judas Iscariots, but also a description of their wicked hearts, which are organs and instruments of the devil. And here we also have a depiction of their thoughts – their furious purposes of injuring and harming – by which the minds of such persons are incessantly motivated. These embittered wretches knowingly and purposely – and against the light of their own consciences – fight against and deny the known truth. As Stephen said, they never cease to resist the Holy Spirit. Although they are convinced by natural reason, by the Scriptures, and by their natural understanding; they still reject and fight against Christ, and harden themselves in the denial of the truth. Moreover, “they delight not in blessing”; they refuse the Savior and cast Him far from them. In addition to all this, they “render evil for good.” The ingratitude of these hypocrites and of the world is bad enough, in not returning anything for all the good things which are given them by God; but they do not rest here – for they render, in spite of all this goodness, hatred and cursing toward God’s people. Their purpose is to injure and destroy, which is Satanic cruelty. Throughout all times and ages of the Church, whenever God is pleased to reveal His Word and declare the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Church will surely have her Judases, her enemies, and her hypocrites, who boast of the name of being included in the Church of God, but prove themselves to be vipers.

Therefore, in order to set forth the terrible judgments that shall fall upon these evildoers who thus cruelly and mercilessly rage against the people of God, the Psalmist shows (verse 16) that the Lord will recompense their iniquity, direct His fury against them, and pour out all His wrath upon them. These hypocrites confidently despised Jehovah and His saints. They covered themselves with the shed blood of His people, and bathed themselves with their tears; they laughed at their calamities, as if they really sought cursing and not blessing – and so cursing shall justly flow in upon them like a river. They have cast away the Word of God from them, and they have rejected and despised the offered salvation; therefore, all consolation and salvation shall depart from them forever. Since they loved cursing, it shall be wrapped around them like a belt; they shall bear about with them, like Cain, everlasting fears and terrors; they shall be tormented unceasingly with the stings of their wickedness and sin. O for grace that we may never be among these evildoers!

Thank You, O Lord, for Your promise that You will recompense the iniquity of all hypocrites who confidently despise You and Your saints, and that You will pour out all Your wrath upon them when You returns in all Your glory. Amen.

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