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Proverbs 8: The Voice of True Wisdom

by | Mar 21, 2023

proverbs 8

This chapter opens with the cry of Wisdom; and both the earnestness of the subject, and the earnestness with which it is enforced, demand our attention. Indeed, the contents of this most sublime chapter are speaking of Christ as the God-Man Mediator, Who was set up from everlasting. And under the well-known title and character of Wisdom, Christ is represented here as calling upon His Church to listen to some things spoken about Himself, and about the Father’s appointment of Him to this office of True Wisdom – which we never could have known about or believed, if His Holy Spirit had not told us about it. Hence the chapter begins with the cry of this glorious Person, and the subject is proposed by way of a question: “Does not Wisdom cry?” Is it not plain enough to be heard in the numberless ways by which Jesus is proclaimed as our Mediator, throughout the whole Book of God? Indeed, what else does the Bible speak of? There is nothing in it from beginning to end, except Jehovah’s love, mercy, grace, and favor in the gift of His Son for the salvation of sinners.

The glories of Christ and the wretchedness of man are strikingly represented in verses 5-11. Well knowing how deaf and senseless our poor fallen nature is, and how unconscious we are of our own misery, and how unwilling we are to listen to that which is proposed for our good; Jesus first declares to us our simplicity, and then the infinite importance of the things which He is going to declare to us. Indeed, what can be more excellent than the glories of His Person, the riches of His grace, His suitableness to poor sinners, and the everlasting riches which He imparts? Has the loud cry of Jesus reached our ears? From day to day, with the eye of faith, we may behold Him standing in the top of high places – that is, in His ordinances, in the gates of His Word, in the ministry of His preachers, and in the working out of His Providences in the world. He cries out to the sons and daughters of the human race, so that they may be made wise unto salvation, through faith.

Verses 12-14 give us a short but very comprehensive statement of Who Christ is, and what is in Him. Observe that He does not merely say that He will give wisdom, but He is Wisdom itself! And if Jesus Himself is Wisdom, then it must undeniably follow that neither true wisdom nor right understanding can be found anywhere except in Him! It is through Him alone that we can enter into the blessedness of the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit toward poor sinners, which He has come forth to proclaim to His redeemed children.

“By me kings reign, and princes decree justice,” says the Lord Jesus, in verses 15-16. There is nothing more refreshing to the soul than the contemplation of Christ in His Mediatorial Kingdom and Government, as the Church’s Head and King in Zion! “All power,” said He, in the moment of His ascension, “is given unto me, in heaven and in earth” (Matt. 28:18); and He exercises that power on behalf of His people.

See what blessings are held forth, in verses 17-21, to the lovers of Jesus! Here are durable riches and righteousness – not the fleeting, dying, transitory riches and pleasures of the world; and not the so-called righteousness of sinful and perishing creatures – but the durable riches of Christ’s blood and righteousness, which are forever! In Him are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge. Through the redemption of His precious blood, the riches of His grace abound to all His people. What revenue of choice silver and gold can be compared with the possession of the everlasting income of Christ’s righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit? All other attainments are hollow, unsubstantial, and insecure.

In verses 22-31, the Son of God declares Himself to have been engaged in the Creation of the world (in unison with the Father and the Holy Spirit, of course). How able and fit, therefore, is the Son of God to be the Savior of the world, when He was also the Creator of it! When there were no depths or fountains abounding with water, and before an atom of the dust of the world was made; the Son of God had not, at that point, taken manhood into union with Himself. But the contemplation of this future mysterious union – with all the blessed outcomes of it, in the glories of the Mediator, in Jehovah’s glory in Him, and in the salvation of His Church – all these things made Him the delight of His Father! And Jesus’ delight consisted in the contemplation of His love and duty to His Father through His redemption-work, and of the final happiness of His Church – thereby causing Him to rejoice in the habitable part of His earth, and to delight in the sons and daughters of the human race.

Surely we should hearken to Christ’s voice, with all the readiness of attentive children! Let us be wise, and not refuse His amazing grace and mercy. Blessed are those who hear the Savior’s voice; and who wait on Him with daily Scripture-reading and prayer! Jesus is Wisdom and Life to all believers. He has shown His love to His people, as well as the blessedness of knowing Him; and here He utters an earnest exhortation for His people to listen to Him. Those who refuse to believe in Him are offending Him and deceiving themselves, and they shall meet a sad end by becoming their own soul’s murderers.

Lord, we lament our sinfulness in often failing to listen to true Wisdom in Your written Word. Give us grace, O Jesus, to give attentive heed to Your voice! Amen.

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