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Micah 2: The Coming of “the Breaker”

by | Nov 27, 2023

micah 2

God was coming forth against His people in judgment; and here in this chapter, He shows the good reason that He had for contending with them – and it is the same reason which has often been the ruin of nations and families throughout the ages of history: the sin of oppression.

The prophet speaks of how his countrymen were guilty of eagerly desiring that which was not their own (verse 2). In other words, it was the sin of covetousness – the root of all evil. They coveted fields and houses, as Ahab did Naboth’s vineyard. They set their wits to work at inventing crafty ways of accomplishing their desires (verse 1); they devised iniquity with a great deal of accursed skill and deceit; they plotted how to do it effectually, without exposing themselves to danger or reproach by it. Oppressive tyrants like these do not care what wrong they do, be it ever so gross and open. They take away men’s property by violence – not only by underhanded practices and pretenses of lawfulness, but also by force and with a high hand. Nor do they care to whom they do wrong, nor how far the iniquity extends which they devise. They oppress “a man and his house” (verse 2); they rob and ruin those who have large families to support, and they do not even care if they drive their poor wives and children begging. When covetousness reigns in the heart, all compassion is commonly banished from it; and if any person loves this world, neither the love of the Father nor the love of his neighbor is in him.

But the Lord is a righteous God Who judges justly between man and man, and He is an avenger on all those that are tyrants and oppressors (verses 3-4). They unjustly devised evil against their brethren, but God would very justly devise evil against them. Infinite Wisdom so contrives the punishment of oppressors, that it shall be very sure and severe. He finds them very rich in houses and lands, which they have gained by oppression and violence; and therefore, He tells them that they shall all be taken away from them. What is unjustly gotten will not remain long with those who have gotten it.

The oppression of the poor was only one of the sins which Micah here charges the people with. The other was that they were guilty of persecuting God’s prophets by suppressing and silencing them (verse 6). This is a sin that greatly provokes the Lord; for it not only spits in the face of His authority over us, but it also spurns His love and mercy to us – for His sending of faithful ministers to us is a sure and valuable token of His goodwill. These wicked people said to those faithful men who prophesied to them in God’s name, “Prophesy ye not!” In other words, they said to them, “Do not trouble us with accounts of the Lord’s visions that you have seen, nor bring us any such frightful messages.” Either they must not prophesy at all, or they must only prophesy what is pleasing to their ears. But this was not all! For when the people of Micah’s day silenced and frowned upon the true prophets, they supported and encouraged pretenders and false prophets (verse 11), and set them up to confront God’s faithful ministers. Such imposters pretended to have the Spirit of Jehovah; but they really had a spirit of error and delusion, and no commission nor instruction from Him. Yet if one of these men would only prophesy to the people what they wanted to hear, they would listen to him. If he assured them that they would have plenty of wine and strong drink, so that they did not need to fear the judgments of war and famine which the other prophets threatened them with – such a prophet as this was a man after the people’s own hearts, for he would tell them that there was neither sin nor danger in the wicked lifestyles they led and loved. Let us never forget that those persons are enemies to both God and country who silence good ministers and obstruct their ministries; for it is certainly for the public good of nations and kingdoms that God’s Word to the human race should be promoted and listened to.

It is worth noting that when people despise and ignore the Word of God, it is no small wonder that they also become guilty of the sin of oppression of the poor. If they hate God, they can have no true love for their fellow human beings – not even for women and children. But the righteous God will certainly bring evil tyrants to reckon for the injuries which they have done to helpless and friendless widows and orphans!

After threatenings of wrath, the chapter concludes with promises of mercy (verses 12-13). These promises were partially fulfilled when the Jews returned out of Babylonian captivity, but they have their full accomplishment in the spiritual Kingdom of the Messiah. “The breaker” would break into the prison-house of their bondage, and break down the gates so that they would have a door of escape out of their captivity! He would also go ahead of them, to break down all opposition and clear the road for their safe return to their homeland. But let us not fail to read this verse in a spiritual manner also, for it is very precious when it is thus read! “The breaker” is a reference to the Lord Jesus. He broke apart the bars and gates of death when He arose from the dead and conquered the grave for His people. He broke through and tore aside the veil of separation between us and the Father, and opened heaven to all believers. And now, as the Church’s King, He goes before His redeemed people; and He enables them, in His power, to break up and break through every difficulty that would impede their way to glory!

Lord, we bless Your name for the assurance that Jesus, our Almighty Breaker, has gone before us and defeated our spiritual enemies! Thank You also for being the righteous Judge of those who are persecuted by the tyrants of this world. Amen.

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