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Job 26: God’s Infinite and Unsearchable Power

by | Feb 25, 2023

job 26

This chapter is Job’s short reply to Bildad’s short discourse in chapter 25. And here he was so far from contradicting Bildad, that he actually confirmed what he had said; and he even outshone him in magnifying the Lord and setting forth His power. But first, he showed that although Bildad’s previous words were all very true and good, yet they did not relate to the question under debate (verses 2-4). Furthermore, Job demonstrated that such words were unnecessary to convince him with; for he already knew them and believed them, and could even add to Bildad’s proofs of God’s power and greatness – which he proceeded to do in verses 5-13. And yet at the end of the chapter, he concluded that when they had both said all that they could on this theme, they still came far short of treating it as it deserved, or of exhausting the subject!

The chief purpose of Job’s reply, in verses 1-4, seems to have been intended to convince Bildad that he had not answered his words in chapters 23 and 24, because he could not contradict what Job had propounded there. And if Bildad thought that by what he had said, he had benefitted God’s cause, he was grossly mistaken. But Job also indicated that if his friend had been truly directed by the Holy Spirit, he would not only have taken notice of God’s power (as he did in chapter 25), but also of His grace – especially since that grace needed so much to be shown to a poor, afflicted creature like Job. “Now,” said the man of Uz, “if the Spirit of the Lord came to you on this occasion, you would have seen how needful it is to comfort an afflicted soul, by spreading before him sweet views of God’s love and grace – and not so much of His power, when the heart is already so dreadfully alarmed in the contemplation of His greatness!” Bildad ought to have laid before Job the consolations, rather than the terrors, of the Almighty. Our Lord Jesus knows how to speak what is proper for the weary soul (Isa. 40:1-2; 50:4), and His ministers should not grieve those whom He wishes to be made glad. We are often disappointed in our expectations from our friends, who ought to comfort us; but our true Comforter, the Holy Spirit, never fails to render consolation to God’s children!

The majority of this chapter is filled with Job’s beautiful thoughts upon the infinite and unsearchable power of God. Many striking instances are here given of His wisdom and power, in the creation and preservation of the world. If we look around us, to the earth and waters here below, we see His Almighty power. If we consider hell, although it is out of our sight, yet we may imagine the discoveries of God’s power there. If we look up to heaven above, we certainly see displays of His omnipotent power. By His eternal Spirit which moved upon the face of the waters, He has not only made the heavens, but also beautified them with stars and constellations (one of which is probably referenced by “the crooked serpent” in verse 13). This chapter contains many beautiful and wonderful illustrations of God’s works – although, as Job says, these are only “parts of his ways!” And how little is the portion, after all, which the wisest men can discover of Him! 

By the Savior’s work of redemption, all the other wonderful works of the Lord are eclipsed! We may draw near to Him and taste His grace; we may learn to love Him, and to walk with delight in His ways. O how sweet it is when a weary, heavy-laden, and sorrowful soul is drawn by the Holy Spirit to come to Jesus, and to cast all his burdens upon the only One Who can help him! It is lovely to meditate upon how Jesus, in the days of His earthly ministry, went about binding up broken hearts; and how, like the Good Samaritan, He poured oil and wine into the deadly wounds of people’s broken and dying souls. And He continues to do this blessed work even today; for He is truly the consolation of His people, and there is no other! He fulfills our needs and necessities, in all of their multiple shapes and forms. He causes the weary to rest, and He is their refreshment. O Lord Jesus! Continue to be the unceasing comforter of Your people. Bring healing and peace to the distressed souls of Your sons and daughters in their trials and afflictions, and show them the sweet manifestations of Your amazing love!

Lord Jesus, we praise You for being the rest for weary souls, and for binding up hearts that have been broken under the tyranny of sin! We thank You that we may view Your infinite power, wisdom, and goodness, written in large letters in the great volume of Creation and Providence. But we give You much more thanks that in You, precious Jesus – the Seed of the Woman – we may see Your smile of love, which we cannot discern in the mere works of creation! Amen.

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