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Exodus 31: Workmen to Build the Tabernacle

by | Mar 20, 2022

exodus 31

The Hebrews had been masons and brickmakers when they were slaves in Egypt, but this kind of rough labor did not make them qualified for the exquisite and delicate workmanship that was necessary for the making of the Tabernacle. But the Holy Spirit selected two men from among them, named Bezaleel and Aholiab; and He miraculously gave them the skill that was necessary for this great project. To be employed in the Lord’s service is a high honor indeed; and when He calls a person to work for Him, he will make them fit to do the job.

These two men were made to understand all the directions that Moses would give them, so that they might make everything according to the heavenly pattern – the Tabernacle itself, all the sacred things that were to be in it, the sweet incense for burning before the Lord, the holy and beautiful garments for Aaron and his sons, the holy oil for anointing them, and all the other things that belonged to the Lord’s service. The Lord gave Bezaleel and Aholiab the power to perfectly practice many interesting and difficult arts that they had never been brought up to do before. They were enabled to do this special work by the wisdom and skill that God gave them. And is it not the Lord Who still gives wisdom and power to people? Does not all skill come from Him? The brain that invents, and the mind that arranges, and the hand that accomplishes – are they not all God’s gifts? Yes, and they ought to be used in His service! The Lord has a great work to do, and He prepares people for doing different parts of it. He equips them to carry on His wise purposes in His Church and in the world. He gives different talents and various powers to His children. He ordains some to be ministers and preachers of His Word, while the majority are to be hearers. He makes some to be farmers, and others to be skilled craftsmen, and others to be homemakers. He finds suitable work for each of His people to do! We only need to honestly seek to be guided by Him.

Not all people have the same abilities and gifts. Not all people are called to do the same work for the great Master. And no one can do everything. The hand cannot do the work of the head, nor the head of the feet. Moses was the mediator and lawgiver and leader of the Israelites, but he was not the maker of the Tabernacle. He possessed all the wisdom and learning of Egypt, but he knew nothing about its needlework and fine linen. He could divide the Red Sea at God’s command, but he couldn’t sew fabric or work in metal or carve wood or cut stones. So all those different arts had to be practiced by persons who had been specially prepared and appointed for the purpose. The Lord had plenty of other work for Moses to do; and since these things for the Tabernacle had to be done, He soon found other people to do them.

Perhaps you wish that you could have been honored by being employed in God’s service in the same way that Bezaleel and Aholiab were. Do you feel that you would have liked to saw timber, cut stones, work in gold and silver, weave fine linen, or sew and spin for the Lord’s Tabernacle? Well, dear brothers and sisters, you may indeed do these things! In fact, you ought to do them! Whatever occupation you put your hands to, that thing should be done for the Lord’s sake. When you rise to your daily work in the morning, you should listen to Him saying to you, “Do this for Me!” And will you not then do it faithfully and honestly? God’s blessing will be upon you, He will accept your commonest labor as work that has been done for Him, and He will be glorified in you. Isn’t that wonderful to think of? 

Moses needed to remind the people that even though Divine orders had been given for the making of the sanctuary, yet they must not think that the na-ture of the work and the haste that was required would justify them in working on it upon the Sabbath days. The keeping holy of one day in seven represents that heavenly rest in glory which remains for the people of God; therefore, the observance of the Lord’s Day must continue until time is swallowed up in eternity.

Before Moses came down from Mount Sinai, the Lord gave him two tables of stone that contained the words of the law, written by the finger of God Himself! The fact that the words were written upon stone showed how lasting the law is. It also represented the hardness of our hearts, for one might more easily write upon stone than write anything good upon our corrupt natural hearts. The good news of the Gospel of Jesus gives us softened hearts of flesh, and then the finger of God alone writes His law upon them (2 Cor. 3:3).

Lord Jesus, as we look at the qualified workmen who were Divinely appointed for the making of the Tabernacle, we behold You as the Author and Finisher of our faith, and of the true Tabernacle which is not built by the hands of men. Precious Savior! You are the Foundation-stone of the spiritual building. You have raised up an everlasting Tabernacle of redemption in Your blood and righteousness, and You have finished the work which the Father gave You to do. We pray that You would finish the work of making us to be fit stones for Your Temple. Hew us out of the rough quarry of nature, and cause us to be built upon You, the Chief Cornerstone, so that we may become a habitation for the Holy Spirit. Amen.

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