Sanctity of Human Life Day

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Sanctity of Human Life Day

Today, January 22, marks the 49th anniversary of the decision made by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of Roe v. Wade. This abominable court ruling legalized abortion in our nation and has given free license to the horrific murder of 62 million human beings – a figure that makes Hitler’s atrocities seem small in comparison.

We are a guilty nation in the eyes of the Lord, Who has made mankind in His own image.

When a murder is committed, the murderer is coming as close as he possibly can to striking God Himself in the face.

And when murder is committed upon the unborn, not only are we striking God in the face, we are also telling Him, “We don’t want the blessings You’re offering us.”

Psalm 127 shows us that God views children as a blessing.

Human lives cannot even begin to be valued in terms of money, but consider this illustration.

Your banker walks up to you with an armload of cash, totaling 62 million dollars in all. He tells you today is your special day, because he’s giving you a gift out of the kindness of his heart. And you look him in the eye and say, “I don’t want it.”

Of course, you wouldn’t do that. But that is exactly what we, as a nation, have done to 62 million of the uncountable blessings that our God has poured out upon us.

We are a guilty nation. We need to fall on our knees and repent of the crime of abortion that we have “legalized” for 49 years too long. We need to seek forgiveness and hope in Jesus and the Gospel message of eternal life that He brings.

May the Lord have mercy on us and change our worldview so that we may recognize His gift of life to us and treasure it as we should!

All for our King’s glory,



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