Sale on God-Centered Science Curriculum!

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Sale on God-Centered Science Curriculum!

2023 Science Sale

Are you looking for some last-minute resources to battle boredom in the classroom, bring excitement back to science, and point your students towards God and His mighty works?

Good news! Generations has already put in the leg-work to produce some of the most exciting, awe-inspiring, God-honoring homeschool science curriculum, and through this Friday (September 1st), they’re offering 30-40% off retail on any of their God-centered science courses! More details below.

30% OFF All Science Sets and Individuals

God Made Everything

Suitable for 1st-3rd grade

God Made Plants

Suitable for 2nd-4th grade

God Made Animals

Suitable for 4th-6th grade

God Made the World

Suitable for 5th-7th grade

God Made Life

Suitable for 6th-8th grade

In case you’re unfamiliar with it, Generations’ Christian homeschool curriculum is specifically designed to help Christian homeschool parents, like you, in four main areas:

  1. Pass on the faith to your children by teaching a God-centered view of life.
  2. Follow God’s walk-along, talk-along method of education (family discipleship) that He commands in Deuteronomy 6:7.
  3. Obliterate any separation between academics and faith by integrating the Bible into every lesson.
  4. Fill your children’s education with purpose by helping them move from learning to worshiping God and applying their new knowledge in real life.

In regards to science specifically, Generations has made it their personal goal to combine academic excellence with a God-centered approach to study. You’ll find that the curriculum places a firm emphasis on establishing a strong biblical worldview, while at the same time challenging the student to apply themselves through study/essay questions and life-application assignments that encourage analysis, comprehension, and spiritual growth—all while exploring and learning about the beautiful exciting world God has created!

40% OFF “God Made” Science Bundle

The team at Generations has a fairly simple philosophy when it comes to their science curriculum: science should never be boring! That’s because God’s world is incredible and breathtakingly awesome. God is amazing, in the most ultimate sense! That’s why with their curriculum, they have:

  • Worked hard to turn science into an epic recap of God’s creation story by compiling the most awesome and exciting facts of the stars, the animals, the plants, and the human body He has created.
  • Pushed for maximum meaningfulness in science by looking for tie-ins, for connections, for relevance to life throughout.
  • Made it their goal that every page of the curriculum and every day in the science class must engage, ignite enthusiasm, and infuse meaning and purpose for the work.

If you’re looking for a science curriculum to help show you the “beauty and love of God”, and make the study of science a family favorite that culminates in worship to God, that’s exactly what Generations has set out to develop in their “God Made” science series, and this week you can get the entire 5-book textbooks bundle* for 40% OFF retail!

*Workbooks sold separately

This is the perfect time to pick up the science and curriculum you need for your kiddos! Take advantage of Generations’ Science Sale! Other discounts also going on this week:

One last thing.

The Generations curriculum is written by homeschool graduates for your homeschoolers. This means that it’s uniquely designed for a discipleship-oriented homeschool with a focus on facilitating family discipleship, real-life application and worship in a family context.

So, if you’re looking for a God-centered, Bible-based, life-integrated, Christ-exalting, Gospel-emphasizing, family-discipleship curriculum, take advantage of these awesome discounts. By God’s grace, you’ll be blessed, and your kids will thank you!



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