At the beginning of this new academic year, it’s time to take a fresh look at your homeschool. Where are you really headed?

Will your kids be able to influence the world around them as adults?
Will they impact others for Jesus Christ?
Will they make wise decisions, or will they follow the crowd?
Will they have a strong foundation of Biblical education?

Sometimes you may feel defeated after this kind of reflection exercise, not knowing where to turn. We want to follow God’s leading in our homeschool. We want our children to be Christian leaders who change the world.

The good news is that there are answers for you! You can join me on Tuesday, September 7 for a free masterclass that is being offered by Kerry Beck, called Four Steps to Raising Christian Leaders in Your Homeschool.

Here are some of the things that Kerry will share with us during this class:

  • Three tips to instill Godly character in a Leader
  • How you can model a Biblical perspective for your children
  • Simple techniques to train your children “how to think”
  • One method to develop a love of learning
  • Two stages in laying the foundation for your children to be influencers
  • How to started raising your children to be leaders, not followers
  • One activity you can do each day to instill a lifelong love of learning
  • How you can easily become a mentor to your own children this year

Here’s the bottom line: during this masterclass, you’ll discover practical tips about how to give your kids a superior education so they will be able to lead instead of following the crowd, think critically for themselves, and make wise decisions that influence and impact those around them.

It’s happening on Tuesday, September 7. Get ready to hear real-life stories of how this works in a real family!

Save your spot right here… Why not? It’s free. 

It’s my prayer that this free masterclass may be a help to you and your family, and give you inspiration and encouragement as you strive to live the Deuteronomy 6:6-7 lifestyle and raise your sons and daughters to be fearless leaders who will change the world for Jesus!

All for the King’s glory,


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