I’m excited to be bringing you another jewel from the rich heritage of Christian books of by-gone centuries! In this beloved allegory, you’ll journey with Pilgrim as he winds through the Valley of Tears on his way to the City of Zion. Follow him through the Narrow-Way-Gate; and share in the richness of his spiritual experiences as he spends the night at the Royal Psalmist’s Palace, and as he passes through the Furnace of Affliction. Find edification in Pilgrim’s dialogues with characters like Backslider, Poverty, and Theophilus; and learn from the errors and experiences of the various patients of the King’s Hospital. Will Pilgrim’s armor remain bright as he traverses the difficult pathway? Can he keep from losing his way among the confusing streets of the City of Carnality? Will he enter the glorious gates of the Celestial City at last? See for yourself as you lose yourself among the pages of this freshly-edited treasure from the pen of nineteenth-century Scottish minister, John Ross MacDuff.

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  • Author: John Ross MacDuff (1818-1895)
  • Foreword by: Dennis Gundersen
  • Edited by: Christian Horstmann
  • ISBN: 978-0-578-84985-0
  • Page count: 118
  • Publishing date: 2021
  • Paperback version and downloadable e-book version are also available.

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Sample pages from The Great Journey


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