A Call to Family Worship (e-book)



A Call to Family Worship 

“Every home in this world is exposed to a thousand dangers. Enemies seek to destroy it, to desecrate its holy beauty, and to carry away its sacred treasures. The very institution itself is assailed by the apostles of infidelity and licentiousness. Countless social influences tend to disintegrate the home, to rob it of its sanctities, to break down its sacred barriers and to tarnish its purity. Nothing but the cross of Christ will save it. Those who are setting up a home, with their hearts full of precious hopes of happiness and blessing, should consecrate it immediately by setting up the altar of God in the midst of it. This will throw over it the protection of Divine love.” 

“To make a home Godless and prayerless is to send our children out to meet all the world’s evil without either the shelter of covenant-love to cover them in the storm, or the strength of holy principle in their hearts to make them able to endure.” 

This freshly-edited e-book has been revived from the writings of James Russell Miller (1840-1912), a popular Christian author and pastor who is perhaps best remembered for his prolific practical writings on Christian home and family life. After asserting that no Christian home is complete without a regular time of family worship, he answers common objections to the establishment of this practice and offers practical wisdom on the subject for Christian parents.


  • Author: James Russell Miller (1840-1912)
  • Edited by: Christian Horstmann
  • Page count: 24
  • Publishing date: 2021


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