Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

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Patterns of Evidence: Exodus

In our series of Daily Family Worship Guides, we are currently studying through the Book of Exodus; so I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce you to one of my absolute favorite resources on this topic of the Exodus: an excellent feature-length documentary by Timothy Mahoney, called Patterns of Evidence: Exodus.

God’s rescue of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt is one of the most ridiculed and disbelieved accounts in all Scripture. In fact, most archaeologists today believe there is no evidence that the Exodus ever happened. That’s why this fascinating, evidence-revealing documentary is so important! You will witness the personal faith-journey of the film’s producer as he moves in and out of dangerous Middle Eastern countries, and you will see what led to his exuberant realization that the Exodus of millions of Israelites out of Egypt really happened!

With striking on-location archaeological cinematography and stunning animation, Patterns of Evidence: Exodus features guest appearances by Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu and Shimon Peres, narration by Kevin Sorbo, and interviews with leading archaeologists such as Israel Finkelstein, Kent Weeks, Bryant Wood, and David Rohl.

Patterns of Evidence: Exodus unlocks the mystery and reveals evidence that matches and confirms the Biblical narrative. If you’ve been told that there is no evidence for the Exodus or for Joseph or for the Hebrews in Egypt, then prepare for a whole new view of history!

I hope that this resource may be educational and enjoyable for you and your family, and that it may strengthen your faith in the authority of the Word of God, which can always be trusted from the very first verse!

May God bless you and your family, this day and always.

All for the King’s glory,


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