Miller’s Monday Musings #48: Our Daily Helper

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Our Daily Helper

One of the most interesting of our Lord’s appearances after His resurrection was the one which took place beside the Sea of Galilee (John 21).

The disciples were sorely discouraged. They had been dragging their nets all night and had nothing to show for their toil. Morning began to dawn; and as they lifted up their eyes, they saw a fire burning on the beach, and their Master standing beside it. At once, He showed his sympathy with them. Knowing their disheartened state of mind, He called to them, “Children, have ye aught to eat?” He is always trying to cheer us up and make us brave and strong. Then, a moment later, He told them where to cast their net; and they filled it.

We must notice that it was their secular work in which Jesus helped these men. We expect Him to help us in our praying, our religious duties, and our church work; but here we see Him helping with a piece of common taskwork. Jesus has a deep interest in our worldly affairs, occupations, toils, and burden-bearing.

Somehow, many good people expect no Divine interest and help in their weekday work. But here we see the Master helping His friends with their fishing. This suggests to us how earthly success depends upon the Master’s direction. We may ask Him to show us where to drop our nets.

Many of us get disheartened when things do not seem to go well. Our business is not as profitable as we could wish. Burdens are heavy, and competition is keen. We do not get on well. Often, it is with us as it was with the disciples that morning – hard, discouraging, and fruitless toil. But it was at the close of that long and toilsome night, with nothing to show for its work, that the disciples looked toward the shore; and there they saw a fire burning on the beach, and their Master standing beside it.

That is the picture for us all. The fire is always burning on the beach. The Master is always full of sympathy when we have failed or are discouraged. He will always help us – changing failure into success, and filling nets that have remained empty until now. Against all failure, at the dawn of every morning that breaks after a night of unavailing toil, Jesus stands on the shore to give us help, blessing, and cheer.

Thus, the fire on the beach is the token of Christ’s interest in all our work. It is a pledge of His help in things that we call “secular,” as well as in things we call “spiritual.” Jesus is always the Friend of the toiling folk, and He makes many of His sweetest revealings in the most lowly and humble places!

Don’t you find it encouraging to know that Jesus is with you, helping you even in the simple tasks that we consider mundane, and taking an interest in the humblest matters that relate to your everyday life?

Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on this article! Feel free to leave your reflections and ask your questions in the Comments section below.

God bless you and your family, this day and always.

All for the King’s glory,

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