Miller’s Monday Musings #123: No One Ever Spoke Like Christ!

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No one ever spoke like Christ

“No one ever spoke the way this man does!” (John 7:46)

In all of literature, there are no words like those which our Savior spoke. We remember what wonderful power his words had. No one ever spoke like Christ!

One of them dropped upon the wild sea, and quieted it in a moment; another touched the blind man’s eyes, and opened them; another fell upon the jugs of water, and changed them into wine; another fell into a dark grave, and caused a dead man who lay there to arise and come forth!

Then we remember how his words comforted sorrow and gave peace to troubled ones; how they reached men’s hearts and changed the whole purpose of their lives. Those who heard his words rose up from their business and from their sins, and left all to follow him in his homelessness and loneliness. Demons listened trembling when he spoke, and instantly recognized his power, and cowered and obeyed.

These words of Christ still have the same power. They are yet calming tempests, and opening blind eyes, and expelling evil spirits, and raising the dead! They are yet giving comfort to sorrowing ones, and hope to despairing ones, and forgiveness to penitents. They are still changing hearts, sweetening bitter fountains, and making flowers bloom where thorns grew before.

If you lean upon a word of Christ, you will find the everlasting arm underneath it. If you are sinking in the waves of trial and grasp one of these blessed words, you will find the divine hand gloved in it, and will be upheld by it. If you are pursued by spiritual enemies and seize a word of Christ, you will find in your hand an all-conquering sword, before which all foes will fly. If you are weary, or in sorrow, and pillow your head on one of these precious words, you will find that you are lying on your Father’s bosom, close to his warm, beating heart. The world’s richest treasures today are the words of the Savior. No one ever spoke like Christ!

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God bless you and your family, this day and always.

All for our King’s glory,

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