Miller’s Monday Musings #9: Expressing Love and Appreciation

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“Many times, life is made a great deal harder for people by the lack of kind words. Thousands live faithfully and work hard at their commonplace tasks – day after day, and year after year – and yet they never hear a single sentence which tells them of any human interest in them or in their work. This is even the case in many homes where it might be supposed that the law of love is most faithfully observed. Scarcely ever is a heartening word spoken by one to another. If all in the household would form the habit of giving an expression to the loving appreciation which is in their hearts, it would soon transform the home life.

“There are many persons who sink under their burdens, or faint in their battles, because no one ever thinks to express the kindly interest and appreciation which are in his heart. One of the best services that anyone can render to his fellows is to always be an encourager. How rarely do we say the hearty word of cheer which would warm the blood and make it tingle! We should miss no opportunity to say kind and encouraging things to everyone around us. Life is hard enough, at the best, for many people; we should be glad to make it easier when we may, and we can make it easier for all around us by showing genuine appreciation. What really helps people and makes them braver and stronger is not flattery, but kindness – which is bread of life to hungry hearts!”

“Why do we wait till ears are deaf
Before we speak our kindly word,
And only utter loving praise
When not a whisper can he heard?

Why do we wait till hands are laid –
Close-folded, pulseless – ere we place
Within them roses sweet and rare,
And lilies in their flawless grace?

Why do we wait till eyes are sealed
To light and love, in death’s deep trance –
Dear wistful eyes – before we bend
Above them with impassioned glance?

Why do we wait till hearts are still
To tell them all the love in ours,
And give them such late words of praise,
And lay above them fragrant flowers?”

Do you know someone who works hard and long at something which many people would consider mundane or unimportant? Perhaps someone in your own family – a parent or a sibling – is such a person. Can you take a moment today to initiate a transformation in your home life by thanking them for their labor of love, and by showing your appreciation for what they do? Who knows – your kind smile and your few encouraging words might be a piece of the “bread of life” to the heart of the faint and burdened recipient!

Can you remember a time when someone’s kind words – or maybe nothing more than just a simple smile – caused you to sense that they truly appreciated you? How did those words encourage you or make a hard time in your life easier? Feel free to share your stories with all of our readers in the comments section below!

God bless you and your family, this day and always!

All for the King’s glory,


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