Miller’s Monday Musings #7: Raising Children – A Blessed Opportunity

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“God has so constituted us that in loving and caring for our own children, the richest and best things in our natures are drawn out. Many of the deepest and most valuable lessons ever learned are read from the pages of unfolding child-life. We best understand the feelings and affections of God toward us when we bend over our own child and see – in our human parenthood – a faint image of the Divine Fatherhood. Then too, in the culture of character, there is no influence more potent than that which touches us when our children are laid in our arms. Their helplessness appeals to every principle of nobleness in our hearts. Their innocence exerts over us a purifying power. The thought of our responsibility for them exalts every faculty of our souls. In the very care which they exact, they bring blessing to us. When old age comes, very lonely is the home which has neither son nor daughter to return with grateful ministries, to bring solace and comfort to the declining years!

“It is a new marriage when the firstborn enters the home. It draws the wedded lives together in a closeness they have never known before. It touches chords in their hearts that have lain silent until now. It calls out powers that have never been exercised before. Hitherto unsuspected beauties of character appear. The laughing, heedless girl of a year ago is transformed into a thoughtful woman. The careless, unsettled youth leaps into manly strength and fixedness of character when he looks into the face of his own child and takes it in his arms. New aims rise up before the young parents; new impulses begin to stir in their hearts. Life takes on both a new and deeper meaning. The glimpse they have had into its solemn mystery sobers them. The laying in their hands of a new and sacred burden – an immortal life! – to be guided and trained by them, brings to them a sense of responsibility that makes them thoughtful. Self is no longer the center. There is a new object to live for – an object great enough to fill all their life and engross their highest powers…

“It is a great thing to take these young and tender lives, rich with so many possibilities of beauty, of joy, of power – all of which may be wrecked – and to become responsible for their shaping and training, and for the upbuilding of their character. This is what must be thought of in the making of a home. It must be a home in which children will grow up for true and noble life, for God and for heaven. Upon the parents, the chief responsibility rests. They are the builders of the home. From them, it receives its character, whether good or evil. It will be just what they make it. If it is happy, they must be the authors of the happiness; if it is unhappy, the blame must rest with them. Its tone, its atmosphere, its spirit, its influence – it will take from them. They have the making of the home in their own hands, and God holds them responsible for it.”

If the Lord has blessed your marriage with children, have you considered the solemn yet blessed opportunities that you have been given, in which you may shape and influence your children’s lives? What kind of deep and valuable lessons have you personally learned (or are currently learning) in your own journey of raising your sons and daughters? Have you prayed to the Lord for grace to make your home a place in which your little ones will grow up living for Jesus and building up noble character?

Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below! God bless you and your family, this day and always!

All for the King’s glory,


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