Miller’s Monday Musings #4: A Beautiful Life

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“A little child, when asked what it was to be a Christian, replied, “For me to be a Christian is to live as Jesus would live, and behave as Jesus would behave, if He were a little girl and lived at our house.” No better definition of practical religion could be given. Each one of us is to bear himself just as Jesus would, if He were living out our little life in the midst of its actual environment – standing all day just where we stand; mingling with the same people with whom we must mingle; and exposed to the very annoyances, trials, and provocations to which we are exposed. We want to live a life that will please God, and that will bear witness on its face to the genuineness of our piety. How can we do this?

“It is possible to live a beautiful life anywhere. There is no position in this world in the allotment of Providence, in which it is not possible to be a true Christian – exemplifying all the virtues of Christianity. The grace of Christ has potency enough to enable us to live well, wherever we are called to dwell. When God chooses a home for us, He fits us for its peculiar trials. There is a beautiful law of compensation that runs through all God’s Providence. Animals made to dwell amid Arctic snows are covered with warm furs. The camel’s home is the desert, and a wondrous provision is made by which it can endure long journeys across the hot sands without drink. Birds are fitted for their flights in the air. Animals made to live among the mountain-crags have feet prepared for climbing over the steep rocks. In all nature, this law of special equipment and preparation for allotted places prevails. And the same is true in spiritual life. God adapts His grace to the peculiarities of each one’s necessity. For rough, flinty paths, He provides shoes of iron. He never sends any one to climb sharp, rugged mountainsides wearing silken slippers! He always gives grace sufficient. As the burdens grow heavier, the strength increases. As the difficulties thicken, the angel draws closer. As the trials become sorer, the trusting heart grows calmer. Jesus always sees His disciples when they are toiling in the waves, and – at the right moment – comes to deliver them. Thus it becomes possible to live a true and victorious life in any circumstances. Christ can as easily enable Joseph to remain pure and true in heathen Egypt, as Benjamin in the shelter of his father’s love. The sharper the temptations, the more of Divine grace is granted. There is, therefore, no environment of trial or difficulty or hardship in which we cannot live beautiful lives of Christian fidelity and approved conduct!”

Very likely, you are already well aware of the particular difficulties and trials that your particular situation in life entails – both as an individual and also as a family. Remember, however, that the Lord has not put you in these situations without also giving you the necessary grace to continue living as an example of the virtues of Christianity. Pray for the Lord’s strength to enable you to live a beautiful life of practical faithfulness – just as Jesus would do in your circumstances!

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